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Catch Reports 2007

Date: 31 December 2007

This morning we raised 2 sails but could not make either of them stick....

This afternoon we ventured further out and were rewarded with this sailfish which we tagged and released for Matthew Welch.

Date: 28 December 2007 Slower day today - only raised 2 sails fortunately the first one was a hot fish which we tagged and released for Will Driscoll, after that we only caught barracudas - most of which we released.

Date: 27 December 2007

10 year old Charlie Hardman caught this 45lb sailfish today which we tagged and released, a short while later his big sister Stevie played another sail almost to the boat before the hook tragically pulled out... whilst we were hooking Stevies fish their dad Steve missed another sailfish which was chasing the bait that he was trying to get out of the way!
Date: 26 December 2007 Young children on board this morning - caught a blackfin tuna but could not raise a fish inshore after that...reports of fish being lost further out so for the afternnon trip headed out into the choppy seas and quickly raised 2 sails, tagging 1 of 50lbs for Will Reilly. Missed another sail strike a while later (we were seeing loads of them under birds in the area) and finally had a wahoo explode behind a short line but fail to connect.
Date: 24 December 2007

Reinhold Herzog caught this lovely patterned wahoo in the first minute of this mornings trip - unfortunately we had to wait 3 hours for the next bite which was a sailfish which missed the hook...

We would like to wish all our customers a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New year.

Date: 23 December 2007

UK anglers from the Royal Caribbean cruise ship had an action packed day today - we raised no less than ten billfish , hooked 3 and tagged and released a sailfish for Alan Davies and a white marlin (first of the season) for Ray Boyce. Several of the billfish were just grabbing and releasing the baits instead of eating them which made life difficult.

Other distractions included spinner and spotted dolphins (saw a big yellowfin tuna inbetween them) and a group of 3 sperm whales which we encountered twice during the day.

Shame we could not hook a blue marlin to complete a grand slam.....

Date: 16 December 2007 Some SGU students celebrated completing their finals by going fishing today and were rewarded with 2 blackfin tunas and this wahoo. We ventured 14 miles offshore in choppy seas to catch up with a large pod of spinner dolphins. The wahoo was caught in the same area and minutes later we also raised a blue marlin which failed to eat the lure..
Date: 11 December 2007 Today saw lots of action although we only tagged and released 1 sailfish for Benjamin Ball. We started with a brief sailfish hook up (the fish shot out of the water and threw the hook), after a long slow period we hooked a blue marlin which raced to the horizon, crashed along the surface and spat the hook. Later returened to that spot and missed a sailfish strike, at same time saw a lot of bait so continued circling and had a double header of sail - releasing 1 and losing the other. Near the end of the trip a large marlin crashe the shotgun lure - there was a tremendous pull on the rod then only a slight pressure - winding in we found a remora fish from the side of the marlin on our hook!! If only the remora had held on tighter we might have caught the marlin!!
Date: 10 December 2007 Ray Pygott (and daughter Naomi) caught this 264 lb blue marlin today after an agonising 2+ hours on the rod. We had the fish within 50yds of the boat at one stage and could see that it was tail wrapped. The fish ran off again, dived deep and eventually stopped fighting and died. It took more than an hour to plane the fish back up to the surface. We never like to see a marlin die and would much rather have tagged and released it but every now and then this kind of thing will happen..
Date: 6 December 2007

Henry Knowles ventured down the edge on a half day today, we were catching plenty of barracudas and blackfin tunas but no wahoo which was what he really wanted to catch.

As you can see we were able to remedy that situation right at the end of the trip with a double header of which we got the 15lb wahoo shown.

Date: 1 December 2007 Repeat customer (& friend) Dr Glen Jacobs made a brief return visit to Grenada and managed to squeeze in a half day trip on a flat calm day. He was rewarded with this fine 250+lb blue marlin which was hooked at the 4th attempt! The fish gave a spirited fight and was tagged & released full of beans. Hopefully Peter Slinger (mutual friend) has better pictures than mine. Customer Andrew Wilson was unlucky to lose a wahoo at the back of the boat earlier in the trip.
Date: 18 November 2007

More wahoo again today - 2 boated and 2 lost plus a missed strike, extras were blackfin tunas and barracudas.

Clients were on island for Graham (on the right) wedding at the Calabash hotel - good build up!

Date: 17 November 2007

Ocean Village 2 cruise ship passengers had wet & windy weather today but the fish were biting! The morning trip saw at least 7 wahoo strikes - 1 lost quickly another at the back of the boat and a third landed at 29lbs. We also fought an unseen fish for 20 minutes before the hook pulled - possibly a shark?

The afternoon was slightly less wet and we hooked 2 wahoo from about 5 strikes and boated one at 22lb (bottom pic).

Date: 16 November 2007 Paul Duthie released this fine 55lb sailfish today while fishing along the edge, fellow angler Brian caught a 14lb wahoo, several blackfins and 2 barracudas were also caught
Date: 15 November 2007 Brendan Crawford and Mark Thorne picked a horrible rainy morning to go fishing today. However when the first rod went off before the 2nd was in the water we knew it might not be so bad after all!. Ended up catching 7 blackfin tunas, a small dorado (released) and these wahoo of 33 and 23 lbs.We also lost 2 other wahoo which came adrift...
Date: 8 November 2007 Jacob Ewens caught 2 barracuas, 3 blackfin tunas and a small dorado (tagged and released) on this slow day where we only had 2 tentative bites from sailfish in the deep water.
Date: 26 October 2007

Rick Parry (CEO Liverpool FC) and sons had a slow morning's fishing in choppy conditions before the monotony was relieved by a triple header of dorado - one each no less!

On a recent trip with students we caught 7 dorado of which 2 were tagged and released.


Date: 18 October 2007 SGU vet students went out today. We missed 1 sailfish bite in the morning then watched some dolphins on the bow before heading to the shoals where we caught 4 barracudas and a nice 22lb wahoo for Peter (pic).
Date: 17 October 2007

Today we caught this 24lb skipjack tuna plus a barracuda for Jeremy Bass & friends.

Last trip saw only a small dorado for richard price which we tagged and released as part of a scientific study of their migration routes.

Still waiting for the main run of fish to arrive, water still greenish

Date: 29 September 2007

Ashley organised a group of med & vet students from SGU for this half day trip. Nice weather, slightly choppy seas but fish were not really biting. We caught 3 barracudas, missed 2 more and also lost a wahoo right at the end of the trip. Girls shown administrering kiss of life to the barracudas (or are they trying to play a tune on them?)

Previous trip this week to the same area saw barracuda, blackfin tuna, little tunny plus a sailfish hooked and then lost after about 3 spectacular jumps across a very calm ocean that day.

Date: 22 September 2007

SGU vets students enjoyed watching hundreds of spotted and spinner dolphins today and then later caught 2 barracudas and this Ashley Edge landed this fine 30lb wahoo.

Action was slow on a very calm day but patience is often rewarded as was the case today....

Date: 27 August 2007

Very calm today and slow bite but we still managed this 17lb wahoo, king mackerel and blackfin tuna for La Luna clients Keith & Andrea McArt and Craig Barfield.

Recent trips since last report have mostly yielded barracudas and blackfins.

Water still green with Orinoco flow.

Date: 16 August 2007 Today John Joseph from Houston took part some of his Grenadian uncles and friends fishing and whilst they did not catch any monsters they enjoyed catching barracudas, spanish mackerel, horse eye jack and even a foulhooked garfish!
Date: 2 August 2007 Last few trips to the reef have produced the usual barracudas and blackfin tuna as well as rainbow runner. Today did a full day offshore and were rewarded with this nice sailfish which gave Pips McKaig a good fight for ten minutes before being released, We had another sailfish bite later and also a missed wahoo strike. Very calm seas recently and dolphins & pilot whales seen.
Date: 21 July 2007 Today saw 2 nice 23lb wahoo for youngsters Arthur and Theo Bryan - they also caught 7 barracuda and a hefty blackfin tuna. In the afternoon we caught 8 more barracuda and missed 1 wahoo for the Jones and Green familys who are down here for Beaconsfield school cricket tour.
Date: 3 July 2007

After missing a few recently we finally tagged a sailfish for Suzie Maxwell-Alywin one of 3 glamorous Virgin Atlantic stewardesses we had on board today (thanks Peter!).

We also caught 3 barracudas and missed as many more.

Date: 24 June 2007 Today we caught this 14lb barracuda for Mike and Jocelyn (SGU students), generally the fishing has been slow of late with mostly barracudas and small tunas being caught although have had some bites from wahoo and even a sailfish. Hopefully things will improve again soon.
Date: 19 June 2007 Just heard that the 50lb sailfish we tagged and released for Rick Smolander on 3rd January (see bottom of page) was recaught on 30th May off Key West - Florida!! Gary Chotiner fishing on the charter boat "Mean Green" with Capt. Jake Perry made the catch (pic left).This is the first re-capture of a fish we have tagged that we are aware of and it had travelled an incredible 1600 miles +!
Date: 6 June 2007

Six clients today - 4 female 2 male - so no surprise that the biggest fish - this lovely 34lb wahoo was caught by the lady in the pic. And the winner of the most sea sick competition was ..... a man!

Not shown in the pic is the dozen barracuda that we also caught - the smaller ones were released to fight another day...


Date: 24 May 2007 Another dorado today (sounds familiar?) the only bite of a slow day although the boredom was slightly relived by the antics of 2 schools of spinner dolphins.
Date: 21 May 2007 Another dorado today - more were around but were not in a biting mood!
Date: 20 May 2007

Gary Whisker and Clifford Shute had fun today catching 3 dorado, a blackfin tuna and a barracuda. We also missed a sailfish strike.

Last 2 trips have seen marlin hooked and lost after 9- minutes and another one whcih missed the bait on the strike....

Date: 13 May 2007

The Barrow family & friend including newly weds caught 2 dorado (mahi mahi) today plus a little tunny.

One of these fish was going on their hotel barbeque tonight - enjoy!

Date: 8 May 2007

Michael Gumm caught these 2 dorado of 25 and 20lbs from 3 hooked - of course the big one (easily 35lbs+) came off right behind the boat.

We also missed 1 sailfish and caught a small blackfin tuna

Date: 5 May 2007 Russian client Sergei (right) caught this 18lb wahoo and his friend caught 2 barracudas and a blackfin tuna.
Date: 25 April 2007

Repeat client Cato Stonex caught 2 dorado including this 26lb bull today - we caught them by following a weedline offshore as far as 21 miles - we missed several other dorado strikes but the fish were not biting confidently for the most part...seas were choppy at times


Yesterday we managed to break the line on a nice blue marlin of around 300lb...."£$^^^" happens

Date: 23 April 2007

Steve Hardman achieved a dream today by catching a lovely blue marlin around 200lb, we never managed to tag it but had it boatside before the leader broke when the fish jumped on it! The excellent picture taken by Stevie (left) is only a copy - waiting to receive the original download from the camera.

After that daughter Stevie caught a barracuda and 9 year old Charlie caught a 17lb wahoo. All in all a good days fishing.

Date: 21 April 2007

Repeat customer Martin St Quinton's guests from Hummingbird Villa watched young Harry score his first big game fish today - a 145 lb yellowfin tuna!

As always these fish are seriously hard work and took over an hour to boat. A trip to remember for all concerned..

Date: 19 April 2007

Stuart Knowles and Adam Michell nearly had a very good day today - Adam was up first on a blue marlin which ran and jumped all over the place before spitting the hook. Stuart was next tagging a small blue of around 50lb after a short sharp fight.

After that we raised about 6 sailfish and managed to hook one - only for the hook to snap!!

Date: 17 April 2007

Grant Dewsburys group of Aussies celebrated their cricket victory yesterday by tagging a 50lb sailfish for Jason Neave and missing at least 4 others. ...




Date: 15 April 2007

Alan Clarke's group of Aussie cricket fans went out today and scored a 60lb sailfish tag and release for Adam Dinsdale. After that we missed 2 other sails and spent a lot of time trying to catch elusive skipjack tunas... On the mammal side we saw porpoises, pilot whales and 7 sperm whales.

Hope Australia have a good match against Sri Lanka tomorrow here in sunny Grenada.

Date: 9 April 2007 Sam Carli's group of SGU students endured 4 hours of choppy seas with nothing happening until we found birds working over dorado and caught 3 including this bull of 35lbs. After that we circled around and hooked a blue marlin only for it to throw the hook after 1 minute. Later on we repeated that feat a 2nd time and then missed a sailfish bite... Fish are still around.
Date: 7 April 2007

Clients from the Ocean Village cruise ship scored big this morning when John Hamilton tagged a nice little blue marlin of around 120 lb. They also saw dolphins and 3 sperm whales.

The afternoon trip was not rewarding however with only a small skipjack tuna and no whales or dolphins seen! Such are the vagaries of marine life!!

Date: 6 April 2007 Nancy Yeh organised a group of SGU students this afternoon who were rewarded with these 2 fine dorado to 27lbs. This mornings trip with Amy Kwan's group yielded a barracuda and 2 missed strikes after seas sickness drove us inside to find sheltered waters...
Date: 30 March 2007

Jeremy Handel achieved an ambition today when he caught a 200lb blue marlin. This was in the first part of the trip - the rest of it was spent working between flocks of birds over skipjacks, sailfish and bigeye tunas. All we managed to entice to bite was a small skipjack tuna!

Still any day when you catch a marlin is a good day!

  • SAILFISH ..................21
  • BLUE MARLIN............5
  • WHITE MARLIN .........6
  • DORADO .................. 62
  • WAHOO........................6
Date: 28 March 2007 Chris & Sharon Herrick had a slow trip to start with watching dolphins and a whale blowing in the distance. Later however we found a hotspot around the end of a longline where we started with a quadruple hook up - 3 dorado and a wahoo! Further passes netted 4 more dorado before it was time to head back in - we lost another dorado during that journey! Good fun...
Date: 27 March 2007

Jeremy Handel had furious action this morning catching no less than 13 dorado along a weedline where we found a piece of old cargo net. We caught 10 from 3 passses to start with and then decided to leave that area only to get another triple header!

This is a boat record number of dorado for us in one day!

After that we lost a nice wahoo on the shotgun then went around and hooked a sailfish for 1 jump then he was gone...

Date: 24 March 2007

Leah Fryer organised 5 SGU students (4 girls 1 guy) for a trip today and they had some action - they hooked 3 dorado to 26lbs and landed the 2 you see here (top).

Then Adrienne Madison recovered quickly from a bout of "mal de mer" to fight a 50lb white marlin which we tagged and released for her (bottom pic).


Overall not a bad result on a windy day with choppy seas.


Date: 21 March 2007

Pete Hutchinson tagged a nice sailfish today and backed it up with a dorado.We also raised 2 other billfish .

Yesterday was a whale watching day for the Nielsen family - we saw nine sperm whales and also managed to catch a good sized barracuda.

Date: 18 March 2007

SGU students went home with plenty of dorado fillets today after we had 6 strikes hooked 5 and landed 4 to 21lbs.

No billfish in evidence today but we did see 2 sperm whales and many porpoises.

Date: 17 March 2007

Back in the billfish today after a 2 day lull where we were seeing humpback, sperm and pilot whales and missed a blue and a wahoo...

Today SGU student Jarred Zucker tagged a white marlin around 45lb and fellow student Branden Briggs tagged a sailfish around 35lb. Both fished were caught before 11am but the afternoon was a blank.

Date: 14 March 2007

SGU student Shannon Bradford tagged this 50lb sailfish after a hard fight today - immediately the tag went in the sailfish bolted and released itself which was handy.

Other than that strike it was a very quiet day with just a missed dorado strike by a small piece of bamboo..... better luck next time guys.

Date: 12 March 2007

Mr & Mrs Onslow went out for a marlin today - we saw one - hooked up by a small boat right next to us!! They broke the line on that fish and we probably got a better look at it than they did!.

Later we did the next best thing - we tagged a nice sailfish of around 45lb which ate a marlin lure. Not long after that a big wahoo tried to do the same but only managed to sever most of the skirt from the lure!!

Date: 11March 2007

Javier Birriel and friends from SGU had a great day with the dorado today catching 7 to 20lbs and losing 2 more. At one point we had more than twenty dorado haging just behind the boat! All this action took place along a weedline about 11 miles from shore.

Unfortunately a couple of the students were a little hungover and lost their breakfasts so the trip was cut short a little - they went home with plenty of fish for the grill though!

Date: 6 March 2007

Tom Smietana and friends had only 3 hours to fish as they were on a tight schedule to get back aboard the Crown Princess cruise ship.

Fortunately we only had to troll for 20 minutes before having a double header with white marlin! We had both fish well hooked for several minutes before the first one pulled the hook. The 2nd one stayed on however and gave a good account of itself before being tagged and released est 55lb.

Just goes to show that its always worth giving it a a shot!


Date: 5 March 2007

David Marx scored again today - 3 dorado to 27lb, then a quiet period followed by a big strike on the shotgun lure and a 2 hour plus battle with a 172lb yellowfin tuna.

A late finish for all concerned tonight!

Date: 3 March 2007

Half day trip today was very slow in choppy seas. We did see pilot whales and birds at 13 miles but no strikes. Came back up at caught this sailfish in the last 2 minutes of the trip 2 miles offshore!

Just shows you should never give up - it can happen at anytime.

James Chamberlain was happy to release this 40lb sailfish.

Date: 2 March 2007

David Marx started his day badly - pulling the hook on a white marlin after 5 minutes and then repeating that with a dorado.

Things started improving when we tagged a 45lb sailfish for him that had tried to eat a bait 5 times before getting hooked!

After that we saw several boobies working over dorado - our first pass resulted in a triple header - we got 2 - the second pass gave a double header - we got both of them including a fine 40lb bull.

Rest of the day showed 1 sailfish seen jumping and no strikes at all!

Date: 1 March 2007 John Monahan and Sue Davies caught these 2 nice dorado near a floating wooden pallet - the big one (29lbs) gave Sue a good fight for quite a while.
Date: 28 February 2007 Andy Windmill caught a personal best dorado of 29lbs today and his first ever wahoo at 24lb. He also had another dorado and lost one at the boat....
Date: 24 February 2007

Victor Baldescu caught 2 wahoo today - biggest one was 37lbs. He also caught several barracudas and we missed one sailfish bite.

This follows on after a few very quiet days where fish are being seen but not caught!

Hopefully the change to 1st quarter moon tomorrow will trigger a better bite....



Date: 21 February 2007 Rick Holowchak and family caught this nice dorado on a half day today - it was quite choppy though so we did not stay out too long after that.
Date: 20 February 2007

Yesterday Quincy Crawford fought 2 blue marlin - the first one crashed the left rigger ballyhoo and ran all over the place before coming to the surface almost within leader distance when the hook pulled out - est 200lb. The 2nd we tagged and released after it ran very fast and we had to chase it forwards with the boat! This one was about 150.

Today Andy Windmill hooked up 5 dorado to 26lbs - we managed to boat 3 - the other pulled the hook.

Date: 18 February 2007

Andrea Catanzano caught this 90lb+ yellowfin tuna on his last day of fishing with us. This was one stubborn tuna taking over an hour to bring to the boat.

The tunas were feeding around 2 fish eating Bryde's whales.

Apart from that fish we missed 2 sailfish bites today.

Date: 17 February 2007

Andrea Catanzano had a good day today despite us missing a blue marlin in the first 30 minutes fishing! After that fish came up and grabbed a bait without hooking up we caught 2 good size dorado and then followed birds to 17 miles where porpoises and whales were seen. We eventually tagged a 45lb sailfish coming back up from this area - in fact we had 3 sailfish bites at the same time.

Andrea is fishing again tomorrow....

Date: 13 February 2007

Yesterday saw Paige Key and friends enjoy a triple hook up with good size dorado. Paige's fish was the largest at 36lbs.

Today saw Neil Morris achieve a long held ambition to catch a blue marlin - Twice!!

Neil started with a 22lb dorado to warm up then we had a hot blue marlin grab our surface teaser and run off with it! When I wound it back the fish followed it and swicthed to a ballyhoo bait - the fish stayed deep for most of the fight and was well tired when it came up. We tagged it estimated at 120lb and towed it until it revived.

Coming back up later we had another blue crash a short flat bait and run off so fast that I had to turn the boat and chase it going forwards! The pressure reduction worked and the fish stopped. It still resisted well before being tagged estimated 200lb.

My pics of the marlin were not so good - hopefully Neil got some better ones...

Date: 11 February 2007

SGU students enjoyed an excellent days fishing today. We did not start too well when we lost a 30lb plus dorado right by the boat.

Grant Eyjolfson improved the situation when he caught a blue marlin which we estimated at 180lb (tag & release), this was followed by a 40lb sailfish tagged for "Woody" Mulgata.

We rounded things off with a 110lb yellowfin tuna for Victor, this gave everyone plenty of fish to go home with for the barbie!!

Well done everyone.

Date: 10 February 2007

Mark Kerridge caught a 50lb white marlin today and we missed a tentative sailfish bite a while earlier.

We started by getting a close up look at a sperm whale.


In the afternoon we went down the edge and caught dorado, blackfin tuna and barracudas

Date: 8 February 2007

Dr Martin Blumer tagged and released this 45lb white marlin on a half day trip.

The fish was the only good bite of the trip although we saw plenty of porpoises and birds on skipjack tuna.

Date: 2 February 2007 Full moon brought us this 150 yellowfin tuna for Hugh Gent. It was a real tough fish that took 2 hours to subdue.. We also caught a wahoo for John Barrett.
Date: 30 January 2007 Today we were back in the billfish - we released a sailfish for Richard Hough from St Andrews University and then pulled the hook on a 200lb blue marlin. After that we had a smaller marlin go ballistic and run in all directions before popping the line against the water drag...Good action even though we did not land as many fish as we would have liked.
Date: 26 January 2007

Well the next 2 days fishing were a disappointment for us although we did lose a sailfish on the last day.

In the end we won 2nd place in the boat pool for weight of fish bought to the scale and also Badger Dearman received the heaviest wahoo prize for his 34lb wahoo.

Winning boat was "Houdini" from Trinidad - see www.sibtgrenada.com for full results which will be posted shortly. Ian Hutson on "Ocean Spirit" of Barbados (probably the smallest boat in the tournament) broke the tuna record with a 173lb fish (pic left). This won their team EC$5000 (about US$1800).

Date: 23 January 2007

First day of the 38th Spice Island Billfish tournament today. We started well with a double header of big yellowfins - amazingly we boated both - a 115lb fish for Mark Holmes and a 158 for "Badger" Dearman. Next came a double header of dorado - 18 & 19lbs. then a 34lb wahoo for "Badger"

The afternoon saw us miss sailfish strikes so no points scored but a good days fishing nevertheless.

Mark shown left with 115lb tuna

Date: 22 January 2007

Alan Sweeting tagged a 50lb sailfish on a choppy day today - we raised 2 others at least that we could not hook.

Some green water in the south today

Date: 20 January 2007 More sails today - we raised 5 of which 4 gave reasonable strikes but we only got the hook to stick in one which we tagged est 35lb for Justin Seldis. Maybe the smaller size of the sails was giving us poor hook up ratio today? However 2 other boats were out and neither caught so we did not do too bad.
Date: 19 January 2007

The tournament crew were out practising today - we raised four sails and tagged a 70lb fish for Jonathan Ward.

We also raised a 350-400lb blue marlin which had 3 swipes at baits during a full 10 minute stint in the spread but failed to eat any of them - this fish was well lit up and caused a lot of excitement in the cockpit.

Date: 18 January 2007

Weekend saw a distinct slowing in the bite, we had 1 chance at a sailfish on Saturday then nothing on Sunday. Monday saw another sail up but not eating plus a couple of nice 20lb skipjacks. Tuesday saw no billfish - just barracudas aand small dorado.

Yesterday was better though with a blue marlin hook up and the lost followed by a good sail bite where the fish was not solidly hooked. We were not out today but the reports from other boats are of marlin lost!

Date: 10 January 2007 Today saw us tag 2 sailfish for Robert Steed, he was happy but said now he would like a blue marlin or a yellowfin to finish off. Shortly after we saw birds working skipjack tunas and caught 2 in the 25lb range. We left there in search of bigger things and met up with a large pod of porpoise. Whilst working through them we had a vicious strike on a short flat line and were solidly hooked on a fish which we gaffed after a 30 minute fight. This yellowfin tuna of 133lb completed Roberts day very nicely.
Date: 6 January 2007 Yesterday saw 4 billfish hooked, 3 caught. We started with a nice sailfish hooked on the shotgun for Marcus Oliver, while clearing lines I managed to hook up a white marlin for Phillip Baker. We tagged the white and were about to let go the sail when it released itself - the picture shows that it was a caught fish though. Later we hooked another sail which got free when a snap swivel decide to self destruct. Finally we tagged another sail for Phil. An enjoyable days fishing.
Date: 5 January 2007

The sailfish keep coming! - today we tagged this one for Sally Josolyne - it was the only bite of the half day trip.

Yesterday we tagged another for Frank Taus and on the same trip Phil Baker lost a nice blue marlin after it stripped 600yds of line off the reel before the hook fell out....

Date: 3 January 2007

The luck of the Irish was with Orla Gallagher when she caught this 29lb skipjack tuna (boat record) this morning after we pulled the hook on a sailfish.

This afternoon Rick Smolander caught a 50lb sailfish which we tagged and released.


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