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29th December 2009
James Johnson said he was lucky on fishing charters and proved it by hooking up a double header of sailfish less than an hour from the end of todays trip after we had hardly had a bite up to that point! We went to yesterdays hot zone and although the porpoise and some birds were there we did not see any tuna. A lot less flying fish than yesterday as well. We worked back in and caught the sailfish less than 5 miles offshore and we missed another one at 3 miles!

28th December 2009

Phil Baker and Steve & Charlie Hardman ventured offshore today and found themselves in an epic feeding frenzy with thousands of birds, flyingfish, porpoises, dolphins, dorado and yellowfin tunas !!

We started well catching 3 dorado from 5 strikes including an excellent 38lb bull, We then went a little further out where a huge group of porpoise and dolphines were feeding. We managed to get 3 yellowfin strikes of which only one hooked up. Young Charlie battled this fish upto the boat but we lost it on the gaff when the hook pulled out....

After that we raised at least 2 sailfish which we could not hook up.

Seems like the bait and fish have really arrived now !!

8th December 2009

Paul Hodges has done some long range fishing out of San Diego but had never caught a white marlin.... We corrected that with a triple header for him this afternoon!

Amazingly we tagged and released all 3 of them and later had him hooked up on a sailfish as well but pulled the hook.

All the marlin were about 40 lb in weight

28th November 2009
The Pickrell boys went a fishing again today and their luck was in with a 108 lb yellowfin tuna (Adam had one already this year see 13 March below) inbetween feeding porpoises 20 miles west of Grenada. We also raised 4 sailfish - one of which we tagged and released for Aaron estimated 50 lb. Overall a good days fishing.

25th November 2009

Richard Scott hoped to catch a big fish and get video and photos for use on internet fishing websites.

He succeeded in getting shots of a 150lb blue marlin (his first) that we tagged and released for him. We also raised 2 sailfish and caught 2 small dorado - one of which we also tagged and released.

Water was cobalt blue today, bait fish were scattered though - things should keep improving from here.

21st November 2009
SGU students went out today and endured choppy seas and slow fishing for 7 out of the 8 hgour trip, That last hpour made all the difference as a 300lb Blue Marlin inhaled the right rigger ballyhoo and got hooked. It took all 5 students 45 minutes to bring that fish to the boat for a tag and release estimated 300lb - great stuff !!
18th November 2009

Chris, David and Peter spent a morning fishing today and were happy to get barracuda, blackfin and skipjack tuna, rainbow runner and Peter Ryan was very happy to get this 35lb wahoo!.

Once again fish is on the menu !

15th November 2009
Danny Williams, Celia, Andy and Kendal tried fishing for the first time today and did not do too badly with 3 barracuda, 3 blackfin tuna, a cero amckerel and a fine 30lb wahoo. Good fun and plenty of fish for the BBQ later!
11th November 2009
Brent and Celeste Adrian went with her Granparents trhis morning. Water was blue and full of flyingfish but not much happened going down the edge. After truning to come back up we started to catch with a nice king mackerel, 2 blackfin tunas and a barracuda. Not a great days fishing but good to be fishing after 3 weeks in Trinidad overhauling the whole boat!
26th September 2009

Zane Shaeffer celebrated his birthday with a few SGU friends and had a good time catching a 35 lb wahoo for himself whilst the others had a 25lb wahoo, 2 blackfin tuna and a barracuda.

Big BBQ planned for this evening !

19th September 2009

Christina Earnshaw from SGU and boyfriend Matthew Glenn asked to try for a yellowfin today - guess what they got one!

Flocks of birds led us to several groups of yellowfins and eventually this 122 lb fish nailed the right rigger ballyhoo. Astonishingly we boated it 9 minutes later! Typically a fish like that would be at least 25 minutes. We saw several more after that but came in early to escape a case of sea sickness - or was it hangover

3rd September 2009

Amy, Candice and Orelia made up a 3 lady team for a half day trip this morning. As usual ladies had the luck as all 5 rods went at the same time with small dorado - we boated 4. A while later Candice got a larger 10lb dorado. Further down the shoal we saw birds working and Amy had a 23lb wahoo that screamed line of the 30lb outfit for a while. 3 barracudas rounded out the catch.

Part of the catch was promptly delivered to expert chef Brian Benjamin at BB's Crabback restaurant where the ladies will be dining in style tonight!

7th August 2009
The Piedt family went fishing today and encountered some choppy seas at times. They were eventually rewarded though with a 30lb wahoo for daughter Katie who is an SGU student. They also caught barracudas, blckfin tuna and false albacore.
29th July 2009
Three members of the Danish Schwensen family ventured offshore this afternoon having completed several days sailing in the Grenadines. They were rewarded with an excellent catch of a 49lb wahoo for Nicolai and dorado of 23lbs each for Cilla and Soren. Turns out they were repeat clients from...10 years ago! My - how time has flown by...
22nd July 2009
SGU repeaters Allie Shannon her Dad and friend joined visitors Jennifer and James for a half day this morning. Things were slow for over an hour then we found birds on dorado. 2 were hooked - a 20lb fish came in the boat - the larger bull got off next to the boat..... A blackfin tuna rounded off the trip.
19th July 2009
Michael and David Housefield celebrated Michael's graduation fishing in Grenada. After a brief hook up on a sailfish on day one and a few smaller tunas he was finally rewarded today in the last hour of fishing with this lovely 42lb wahoo.
15th July 2009

Mark Miller tried again for a yellowfin and this time almost got more than he could handle with this magnificent 186 lb specimen - the 3rd biggest ever for us.

Mark beat the fish in 40 minutes on 80lb tackle but looked pretty beat himself afterwards! We also had a sailfish hit 3 baits without getting hooke and saw 1 dorado jumping.

12th July 2009

Volker Stevin construction crew took a morning off to go a fishing today. After a slow start we started to spot big tunas feeding under small groups of working birds. This 126 lb yellowfin tuna came up close behind the boat and inhaled the left flat bird/ballyhoo combo. Angler Josh was new to big game fishing but did well to get it to the boat in 45 minutes. After that we saw more tuna but they were not biting.

Yesterday Mark Miller was unlucky that none of the 4 yellowfin tuna strikes we got as we passed through a pod of dolphins hooked properly. He was slightly mollified by a nice skipjack tuna but is coming back to try the yellowfins again.

26th June 2009
Another half day down the edge produced the same large bag of blackfin tunas, barracudas, little tunny's and then right in the last minute this splendid 37lb wahoo for John. We knew they were ther because earlier one of our tunas was badly mauled by a wahoo as it came to the boat....
20th June 2009
Nick & Sergei decided to kill a few hours fishing after spending a week diving. They had a lot of fun including 2 blackfin tunas and this fabulous 58lb wahoo for Sergei in the first 20 minutes fishing! After that we kept catching blackfins, barracudas and false albacore. Sometimes last minute decisions pay off- big time!
3rd June 2009
Dave Carra's first ever fishing trip saw him catch this 25lb dorado as a great finale to a morning where we caught 13 blackfin tunas as well.
29th May 2009
ex SGU student and our client, James, came back to Grenada to get married. His wedding group chartered 3 boats for a half day this morning. We were lucky enough to have the best catch - 2 blackfin tunas, 2 little tunny, 4 barracudas and a 23lb wahoo. We also lost 2 other wahoo in the same area.... Previous few trips have seen 2 sailfish hooked but both eventually spit the hook...
27th April 2009

Steve Rudge and Tony Saunders went out this afternoon and scored with a dozen blackfin tuna to 14lb and a 28lb wahoo for Steve.

Yesterday Emma and Michael went out and were unlucky not to catch a big dorado which escaped but went home with quite a few blackfin tunas.....

21st April 2009
Joe Van Tonder did a half day today in choppy conditions. He caught 6 blackfin tunas and 4 barracudas (most of which were released) before we got the strike we had been waiting for with this 20lb wahoo.
20th April 2009

Dr Brian Jordan's 2nd day proved to be better than the first although conditions were quite choppy. We had to go 24 miles to find dorado - four strikes yielded 2 nice fish in the 24-27lb range. Coming back up from there we boated a fine 30lb wahoo and missed a couple of other strikes.

All in all not too shabby.

18th April 2009
Dr Brian Jordan returned to Grenada again and trusted us again to catch him a fish. Fortunately we were able to oblige with this 28lb dorado which was the only hook up from 3 strikes 23 miles offshore. After that thinga went dead with just a few poepoise seen.
16th April 2009

Gary Picton his son, and friend Tony from the goodship "Sea Princess" gambled the whole of their 1 day visit to Grenada out fishing. They won ! Big Time!

First up down the edge was a double header of blackfin tuna, followed by a brace of barracuda. Farther down Tony got warmed up with a nice 14lb dorado. Gary then got another blackfin. At this point I decided to leave the edge and go to the deep water. As we reached the 6,500 ft contour 17 miles off St George's a marlin came up - hit the left rigger ballyhoo then engulfed the left flat bird/lure combo. Tonys took the rod as the fish raced off then turned back and overtook the boat before running almost a complete circuit around us jumping as it went! To cut a long story short we used the full power of the 50 outfit to get the fish boatside in about 40 minutes for a helathy tag and release.

After that we missed another dorado strike before gettuing everyone back to the cruise ship on time.

15th April 2009

Daniel Breland took in laws and friend fishing again today. Plenty of action with blackfin tunas, garfish, barracudas and a 35lb wahoo for Ricky proved that Daniels luck is still good.

US airforce personell organised by Mike Reilly went this afternoon and caught 6 blackfins and several barracudas. The tunas went to BB's Crabback restaurant where a 20 strong USAF contingent will enjoy some good dining!

14th April 2009
Karl Borges and son Mason took a break from trout fishing on Hampshire chalk streams to go offshore today. Initially things were very slow but a decision to come back up the edge was rewarded with a brace of dorado and then backed up with a brace of blackfin tunas one of which was released.
8th April 2009
Paul Panasiuk did his first day's offshore fishing today. WQe tried for a billfish to start with but apart from 1 sailfish strike they were not much in evidence. However we were rewarded around some birds with a fine 33lb bull dorado which gave Paul a good fight. After that we went to the shallows where the blackfin tunas were going nuts! We boated eight to 13lb, released a small one and missed several other strikes. A small barracuda rounded out the trip - good fun!
5th April 2009
Daniel Breland and family went out early this morning and caught this fine 21lb king mackerel - the largest one we have had for quite a while. After that we caught a few barracudas and lost a small tuna.
4th April 2009

Multi time repeat customer Eric and friend Brian from SGU scored a wahoo and 3 barracudas today. We came up the edge after missing 1 sailfish offshore and seeing several big yellowfins feeding - but as per the last trip the tunas were not interested in our baits or lures.

At last Eric has made it onto the website !!

2nd April 2009
The Newmans and Rosenkranz's went for 6 hours today and Georg Rosenkranz got to tag and release this 60lb sailfish whilst Mr Newman got lucky with this 23lb dorado. We were somewhat frustrated for over an hour by the sight of 50-100lb yellowfins feeding offshore but refusing to give us a single strike - probably they were feeding on very small prey items and were ignoring our larger baits.
26th March 2009

Jeremy, Frances, Mark, Georgie & David staying at Mt Cinnamon ventured down the edge today - we caught 2 wahoo to 38lb and lost 2 more, then coming back up we also bagged a nice dorado which will be appearing on the dinner menu tonight at their hotel...Loads of birds feeding plus big leatherback turtles in evidence as well.

2 days later we saw a Humpback whale breach and tail slap close to the boat in the same area...awesome

24th March 2009
The Bateman family went a fishing this morning and experienced several large wahoo strikes but only 1 came into the boat - this 32lb fish. They also caught a barracuda.
23rd March 2009
Colin and friends doing voluntary work in Grenada took some R&R fishing time this morning and went home with this 21lb wahoo that Colin caught. We also lost another (bigger) wahoo and had some jumps out of a nice sailfish before the hook pulled.....
22nd March 2009
Praveen Durgampudi of SGU faculty decided to try his fishing luck today and was rewarded with this 130lb blue marlin tag & release. This fish came up while we were trying to catch some small skipjack tunas approx 1.5 miles offshore! We had come close in after seeing absolutely nothing happening farther out.....
19th March 2009
Ed Walkowski came down to visit his son who is studying at SGU. They plus friends went fishing this morning and had some fun with 3 nice dorado to 25lbs plus blackfin tunas and barracuda.
13th March 2009

Lance and son Adam Pickrell went offshore today and were eventually rewarded with this 135lb yellowfin tuna for Adam after a gruelling 2 hours 10 minute fisght on 50lb test. We found this tuna feeding between Sei whales 14 miles offshore.

We also lost a dorado at the boat 10 minutes after boating the tuna.

12th March 2009

Bojan Bulic went out for 6 hours today and had his work cut out reeling in no less than seven dorado to 30 lbs (a quadruple hook up of 15lb fish and then later a triple hook up with 30lb fish - we managed to boat 5 altogether).


Seas were rough with a large northerly swell,

8th March 2009

Carib Sushi chefs and waitress ventured offshore on a very rough morning today and were quickly rewarded with this fine brace of dorado of 30 and 20 lb.

Better get down there tonight for some very fresh sushi !!

1st March 2009
Alex Holfield bagged this fantastic 55lb wahoo today on a light tackle rod allowing the fish to give a really good account of itself. Earlier in the day we had a couple of sailfish bites and saw 2 big yellowfin tunas busting right alongside the boat but they did not take our baits...
27th February 2009
Rob Millard caught this 15lb wahoo held by Brian Stapleton today. Straight after we saw a small blue marlin ahead of the boat but no more strikes were forthcoming.
26th February 2009
Victor Francis of Grenada tagged and released this 60lb white marlin this afternoon. We went out looking for dorado or wahoo but no luck with those and the whales were not seen either.
25th February 2009

Joe and Karyne Carey off the Celebrity Galaxy cruise ship enjoyed a dream half day this morning. We started close in and quickly spotted a pair of sperm whales - whilst circling them at a close distance we had a screaming run which proved to be a lively blue marlin of around 130 lb which we tagged and released for Joe. After that more birds led us to porpoises and another very large sperm whale but no more bites. Heading back in less than 2 miles offshore we hooked another small blue around 50lbs for Karyne which jumped all over the place before coming to the boat.

Back out again in the afternoon with SGU students we had more action but this time with a double header of 17 lb wahoo and dorado - another strike at the same time was not hooked. Coming back up from there we saw no less than 10 sperm whales.

All in all a very good days fishing.

21st February 2009

SGU students and family went out on what was supposed to be a very windy day - we got a break early on with calm seas - 6 miles off a double strike yielded a hook up on this 110 lb yellowfin tuna which fought hard for 90 minutes and was caught just as it started to get tangled in a longline - phew!

The afternoon produced a 10 minute fight with a blue marlin before the hook pulled out.....

18th February 2009
Friends Phil & Viv Baker and Steve Hardman went offshore today - Phil ended up up catching a 50lb sailfish and losing 2 dorado, Steve caught this 15lb dorado. We also had an all too short hook up on a blue marlin around 300 lb but the hook pulled out. Plenty of fish around today.
16th February 2009

Ian Long and friends went offshore on a cloudy/rainy day today and managed a 55lb sailfish release and a 31lb dorado.

Not bad for the generally slow conditions.

12th February 2009
Vince Debari went out for a marlin today. Seas were 8ft+ and 25knots of wind at times made fishing difficult. We had 2 sailfish strikes which were not solidly hooked and had to settle for this 28 lb bull dorado instead.
11th February 2009

Glen Pitzer and son (off the Caribbean Princess cruise ship) endured a rough half day trip this morning but were rewarded with a 10 lb barracuda.

Our afternoon trip was a complete contrast for German clients staying at La Source hotel - the seas had calmed down quite a bit and we were able to get out into some blue water at 12 miles - sure enough a nice blue marlin crashed our short left lure and was hooked - it put up a tough fight for 25 minutes before being tagged and released. 10 minutes later 2 more marlin hit 3 lines without getting properly hooked.

The old song "what a difference a day makes" in this case should be half a day!

10th February 2009
Kevin Covill caught this 50lb white marlin in the first 45 minutes of todays trip. Shortly therefater we had a sailfish crash a lure and come out of the water with it only for the hook to pullout. As far as billfish were concerned that was it for the day! We did manage a couple of barracudas for the pot though.
9th February 2009
Andy Windmill's first day produced this 35lb sailfish on a day where we hooked 3 out of 8 strikes - all were small fish and the other 2 managed to spit the hook.
8th February 2009

Ocean Village clients ventured out today and although we did not catch the quality or amount of fish that we did yesterday Ralph still got the 12lb wahoo - the only 1 of 3 strikes that stayed on the hook.

They also caught some barracudas and saw lots of dolphins.

7th February 2009

A half day trip this morning led us to some good action 15 miles down the edge of the Reindeer shoal. Lots of birds active and occasional glimpses of small tunas kept us working the area until a 42lb wahoo took the right rigger ballyhoo and laumched itself skywayds landing just behind the boat.! James Metcalf brought that one to the boat . Next strikes ran the line off simlarly then launched itslef in the air - not a wahoo but a small blue marlin! Unfortuantely that one was lost but next up was a 30lb wahoo for Emma Hughes. Plenty of barracudas and a blackfin tuna kept us going plus we lost 2 more wahoo when the hooks pulled out....

All in all a nice trip.....and the water is starting to look blue again.

4th February 2009

Adam Jacque's group of SGU students just arrived from Newcastle UK ventured out today and were rewarded eventually with this fine 33lb wahoo plus 2 blackfin tunas and 2 barracudas.

The BBQ should be going well by now!

30th January 2009
Paul McIntosh caught this 55lb sailfish today which we tagged and released. His colleague Matt was unlucky to pop the line on another billfish on a very rainy day where we raised at least 8 including 3 blue marlin 2 of which we thought we had hooked on for them to come unglued...

23rd January 2009

Well the last day of the tournament proved to be our best - we caught 2 nice dorado in the morning for Kev and Ziggy. Later Ferdinand hooked his first caribbean sailfish which we released to at least put ourselves on the scoreboard!

The tournament was won (again) by Hard Play II from Trinidad & Tobago - back to back victory for "Frothy" and his team - congrats guys!

22nd January 2009

Michael Ronayne tried his luck on the morning of the tournament layday - he was rewarded with a triple hook up of 22lb dorado and then followed up with 2 sailfish releases making a total of 5 sailfish that he caught in his 2 trips with us.

We plan to let Michael pick our next lottery ticket numbers!

As you can see from the pictures the sea was green but the fish are still biting...

Our tournament results have been best left unmentioned as our clients have missed a lot of strikes - both difficult and easy. So far only 1 wahoo came to the boat but maybe tomorrow will be our day.

19th January 2009

Paul "Doc" Haycock went fishing today and kindly took a few guests with him - Steve Kilsby was glad he got the invite as he tagged and released a 40lb sailfish. We also lost another sail and had a further strike.

Hopefully this forebodes well for the Spice Island Billfish Tournament which starts tomorrow - see www.sibtgrenada.com for updates. 45 boats have entered - a great turnout.

15th January 2009

Michael Ronayne said he was enjoying the fishing this morning - even though we were catching zip at that point - birds were working and flying fish taking to the air but apart from a couple of sailfish window shopping we had seen no action. That all changed at 2pm with Michaels first sailfish and in the next hour we caught 2 more and missed a few.

Irish eyes were smiling at the end of the trip!

11th January 2009
Fran Bullock caught this 45lb sailfish which we tagged and released on a very choppy day. There were undoubtedly a lot more fish around to be caught but her fellow anglers were feeling a bit green so we headed for the barn.
Fran's sailfish
7th January 2009

Peter Abel caught this 25lb wahoo and had the hook pull on another at the same time. This was after 4 hours of zero offshore despite copious amounts of blue water and flying fish everywhere.

The trip was arranged by Peters sister Nicola who is a student at SGU.

5th January 2009

Jim Kent and Steve Boucher tried their luck today and were rewarded with a 27lb dorado for Jim (we had 3 other strikes from them but only the one hooked up). After that we missed 2 tentative sailfish strikes and things went very dead.

Then 5 minutes from the end of the trip a marlin came up behind the left flat line but did not take, a few seconds later the right rigger line shot off with a decent marlin on the other end which proceeded to run off a lot of line. I stopped the boat while we started to clear other lines. I was a bit concerned that we were losing too much line so I put the boat in gear again to turn and chase, as I did so a second marlin crashed the left flat again and ran off!

To cut a long story short we lost the first bigger blue marlin when the hook pulled out, we tagged the 2nd one for Jim estimated 90 lb.

A dramatic end to the trip and our 3rd double header with blues inside the last month....


4th January 2009
We tagged another sailfish today for Ellie Spratt estimated 40lbs. That was the only bite of the half day trip though - there were other fish around but they were not feeding.
2nd January 2009

Giles Fraser tagged this 50lv sailfish and then had a double hook up of blue marlin! Unfortunately the first spat the hook after 10 minutes and the 2nd broke the 50lb line a short distance away from the boat. We also missed another sailfish bite...

In the afternoon we had young kids on board so went up the coast and caught htis 10lb wahoo a barracuda and played a sailfish for 3 minutes before the hook pulled.


There were certailnly some fish around for the new year....

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