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14th April 2018 SGU students and friends today - found birds tuna and sailfish feeding on bait at 18 miles but they just wouldnt bite - then the birds moved 1 mile west and when we caught up to them we got a double header of tuna straightway, 146 & 100lb!!
13th April 2018 The DeFelice family staying at the Calabash hotel went out this afternoon and straight away got a sailfish release. Slow bite after that though.
12th April 2018 Sandals clients again - they didnt have to wait long for 3 sailfish to bite at same time! We hooked and released 2 of them then spent a long time chasing tuna with porpoise but they were just teasing us - finally we did hook up a nice dorado for a lovely lady on her honeymoon
11th April 2018 Sandals clients went 1 for 2 on sailfish this morning and also saw tuna with porpoise but no bites...
9th April 2018 Shauna Nichols guest at Sandals La Source got this sailfish release this morning - we were 1 for 2 on them. We also saw yellowfin tuna but no bites were forthcoming..
5th April 2018 Canadian Rocky caught this cracking 136lb yellowfin this morning after we earlier had a missed sailfish strike.
3rd April 2018 Sandals clients got a wahoo (20lb) and a few barracuda this morning - another wahoo bite didnt hook up.
31st March 2018 SGU vet student Emily got this lovely wahoo (36 lb) today
29th March 2018 SAndals client with a wahoo she caught this morning
28th March 2018 Kevin + sons Sam & Noah enjoyed catching 2 new species today - firstly a 55lb sailfish (1 for 3 on them) release then we went 5 for 6 on wahoo upto 33lb plus got some barracudas and blackfin tuna
25th March 2018 Another SGU related trip saw Tyler catch and release a nice sailfish - we were 1 for 3 on them today - we also had 2 tuna strikes that both missed the bait!
24th March 2018 SGU student Morgan Raynor booked a trip for her father whilst he was visiting her in Grenada, first timers they started well with a 50lb sailfish release and finished very strong with this estimated 110lb yellowfin tuna!!
23rd March 2018 SGU students this morning blowing off steam after exams...Matt organised the trip and got a nice dorado for dinner and last minute Ryan got a sailfish release...good times
22nd March 2018 1 for 1 on a 150 lb blue marlin for Steve Hatch (well his wife caught it actually - he caught a dorado!) and we lost a sail (0 for 5 ....) Saw loads of tuna but couldnt get a bite from them..
16th March 2018 4 for 6 on sailfish this morning for Tamara's group on a work incentive winners vacation. Great action with 2 double headers - we got 6 bites hooked 5 released 4.
15th March 2018 3 for 5 on sails and 1 for 1 on 110 lb yellowfin tuna today!
13th March 2018 2 for 3 on sails today for the Cannon family from Canada.
12th March 2018 1 for 3 on sails today and saw yellowfins but they refused to bite...
11th March 2018 Mixed crew of New Yorkers and Grenadians this morning. Was a slow bite but eventually Isiah caught this 110lb yellowfin tuna which gave him quite a work out..
10th March 2018 Sandals clients this morning saw some porpoise but no tuna with them and then caught this sailfish - we were 1 for 1 on them.
9th March 2018 Steve Lineberry stepped off his cruise ship and caught his first ever sailfish this morning - we were 1 for 1 on them.
8th March 2018 Joe Spizzirri got to catch this 131lb yellowfin tuna after a flyingfish landed in our boat - we quickly rigged it up and the tuna ate it 10 minutes later!
4th March 2018 Sean Yaeger caught this 13lb yellowfin tuna and released a sailfish this morning.
4th March 2018 1 for 4 on sailfish (our 60th sailfish for 2018!) and 0 for 1 on a blue marlin that was briefly hooked this morning
 Also saw yellowfin tuna but no bites in the short time we were close to them

3rd March 2018 2 for 2 on sailfish today - bit of a slow bite though. Andrew Glass got the first one.
24th February 2018 Andy Windmill celebrated his birthday in style with this brace of yellowfin tuna plus he pulled hooks on a 3rd! Seas were rough, sargassum weed everywhere and rain all day but who cares the fish were biting !
23rd February 2018 Steve Nadolski  (guest at Sandals La Source) caught this 108lb yellowfin tuna this morning - others were seen but this was the only bite we could get in the half day trip.
22nd February 2018 Thomas Hobbs got this 111lb yellowfin tuna today - it took a long time on a sailfish hook and light leader...
20th February 2018 Slow bite this morning but we still got one sailfish release
19th February 2018 Bit of a tough day today - rough seas and tricky bites saw us got 2 for 7 on sailfish and 0 for 1 on blue marlin.
18th February 2018 crew off megayacht "Ace" went out this morning and went 3 for 6 on sailfish (we hooked 5 but 2 spit the hook)
14th February 2018 4 for 5 on sailfish and 1 for 1 on blue marlin today, 3 junior anglers each released a sailfish which was excellent
13th February 2018 Sandals clients this morning got to release 2 sailfish (2 for 2)
12th February 2018 Todd Keller's group off the Royal Caribbean Serenade of the Seas went 1 for 4 on sailfish and 0 for 2 on yellowfin tuna that both missed the bait (stupes!!)
Oh Well thats fishing...

9th February 2018 Local residents & visitors onboard this morning - we went 1 for 2 on sailfish releasing one for Ryan
7th February 2018 SGU vet students organised by Josh Tollman went out this morning and again we saw big tunas but no bites... we did release a sailfish on the way back up though (1 for 1).
6th February 2018 Sandals clients saw yellowfin tuna with porpoise for a while but no bites, then went 2 for 5 on sailfish in choppy seas.
5th February 2018 Sailfish action still ongoing! 3 for 4 today on them!
2nd February 2018 Graham Lark & family hooked 5 sailfish from 5 bites and managed to release 4 of them this morning including a double header. Many more sailfish seen in the water too.
31st January 2018 Sandals clients on half day trip got to hook 3 from 3 sailfish but one dropped off when the leader was a yard from the boat - still a great mornings fishing. In total we released 32 sailfish in January - our best result ever in 20 yearsfishing.
28th January 2018 No fish for us on the last day of the tournament but the 5 sailfish we caught on the first 2 days carried us (Gary, Shival Maharaj & Neal Brand) to 4th placed boat (of 55) and 3rd place angler (of 268).
26th January 2018 Second day of SIBT 2018 saw us release a sailfish in the first 2 minutes! but then our luck changed and we dropped 2 other sailfish later that day to end 1 for 4. Now 3rd place boat and first place angler...
25th January 2018 First day of the SIBT 2018 tournament saw us release 4 sailfish, lose one and miss another to finish first place boat and angler! Long way to go though...
22nd January 2018 The Vanheusen family staying at Sandals La Source ventured out to sea this afternoon and released a 40lb sailfish before deciding discretion was the better part of valour and heading back in job done..
This was our 25th sailfish of the year..
21st January 2018 Rough seas this morning but we still manages to release another sailfish, 1 for 2 on them
20th January 2018 Some tricky bites today saw us go 1 for 5 on sails and 0 for 1 on blue marlin (small one). We did boat a dorado though...
19th January 2018 Michael Cusack's group went 2 for 5 on sailfish and also caught a 110lb yellowfin tuna which helped them provision their Sunsail yacht charter boat (they depart on it tomorrow).
18th January 2018 we were 3 for 4 on sailfish today and also saw a large group of sperm whales
15th January 2018 David Townend had a memorable trip today releasing 3 sailfish from 6 bites, boating a 95lb yellowfin tuna and also having a blue marlin in the spread for a few minutes.
14th January 2018 Douglas Kelly released a sailfish this morning but we earlier had a double header of them and both managed to spit the hooks! 1 for 3 overall
13th January 2018 Tony & marcus Moutinho went out this morning and Marcus released a 50lb sailfish. We were 1 for 1 on them
9th January 2018 Schalk Wessels (jr) released this sailfish this morning after it ate an Island Express lure .. Slow bite though we were 1 for 1
8th January 2018 Garry McMahon released 2 sailfish from 3 bites today,
7th January 2018 Cedric & Cato tried again today and ended up releasing another 2 sailfish (2 for 2), catching a decent mahi for dinner (1 for 2) and watching a lot of yellowfin tuna jumping that would not look at our bait!
5th January 2018 3 for 3 on sailfish today (slow bite though) first was a 30lb fish for Mr Mimeles, followed by a double header of 50 & 55lb for Cedric & Cato Stonex
4th January 2018 John Livingstone had a slow trip overall but we still managed to be 1 for 1 on sailfish
3rd January 2018 David Smithwick took his son fishing and was rewarded with a triple header of dorado (aka mahi mahi) and later we got another one
2nd January 2018 Steve Petrovich took his 2 sons fishing this morning ang got to release 2 sailfish  We had some tricky bites later in the day so ended up 2 for 5 on sails,
2/1 sf
1st January 2018 Phillip Schnell staying at True Blue Bay resort caught this 45 lb sailfish today - we hooked another one too but it got off so 1 for 2
1/1 sf 


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