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29th December 2011

Christoph & Alena Ziegler from Munich went out today on their first big game fishing trip ever! They ended up tagging & releasing a white marlin and a sailfish plus catching a dorado for dinner. Not a bad introduction to the sport!

28th December 2011 Brent Waldron took his wife and 3 boys fishing this morning - conditions were choppy but fish were biting. We had 4 sailfish strikes in the first hour but never got a hook in any of them, we then reached the 6000ft contour and turned south - shortly after that a good strike on the right corner ballyhoo ran off a lot of line. First thought was a sailfish but after 10 minutes a large dorado came into view. After a good fight it came in the boat - 46 lb - one pound short of the boat record. One other bite on the way back - another tricky sailfish escaped again!
18th December 2011 Quinten Questel came up for Trinidad on business and managed to squeeze in a 3 hour fishing trip while he was here. Conditions were very choppy but flying fish were everywhere and sure enough we ended up tagging and releasing his first ever billfish - an estimated 100 lb blue marlin. On the way back we also boated a barracuda. Left dock at 12.00 back by 3.15 - job done!
10th December 2011 SGU students today - things were quiet to start then a sailfish made a grab for 2 lines but did not eat the bait, a short while afterwards another 2 sailfish came up - mate Godfrey hooked one and Capt Gary came down to hook up the other - a nice double header - first was about 35 lb tagged and released for Gregory Fleshman and the 2nd was a little bigger at 45 lb tagged for Matthew Sherrod. After that we only had barracuda bites - landing 2 of them for dinner. A nice way to end their studies in Grenada...
27th November 2011 Alan Negus achieved an ambition to catch a blue marlin this morning - this 150 lb fish ate a ballyhoo along the 6500 ft contour and was tagged and released 20 minutes later. After that we had 2 sailfish strikes which did not hook up and a mystery hook up as the last line was about to be bought back in ! This last fish was probably a big wahoo - it spat the hook just behind the boat...all in all good fun and back on the dock for lunchtime...
23rd November 2011 Canadian Rob Wilding got to fight and release a 45lb sailfish on an afternoon half day trip today.We followed this up with a 12lb barracuda which went home for dinner.
20th November 2011 Ladies proved their luck at this sport yet again when Lizzie got a release on this 45lb sailfish today - in calm blue water. Another one that came up at the same time was not hooked. Charlie Carroll was unlucky to have a blue marlin spit the hook later in the half day trip.
10th November 2011 Mr Prentice & Mr Kimberley both caught dorado today and then things went very quiet until 30 mins from the end when a nice blue marlin ate the right rigger ballyhoo and then went ballistic doing a vertical somersault at one point. We had the fish close to the boat after 45 minutes and finally got the leader after 70 minutes but the fish was still not done and broke the leader off against the boat. We had a clear view of it several times (no photos though - shame) - around 300 lb and a very fit fish..
5th November 2011

Steve McKenney got to release a 50 lb sailfish that was initially hooked up by Alex Bie who generously handed rthe rod over.

That was the only bite of the morning however.

4th November 2011 Peter McGuire who's daughter Carly is at SGU went fishing today and had a memorable morning with porpoises and a sperm whale seen. Fishing was initially slow with just a small dorado which we released, but perked up mightily when a 250 lb blue marlin ate the left rigger ballyhoo while we were trolling down the 6000ft contour. We managed to tag it after a 25 minute fight on 50lb test for a very healthy release.

20th October 2011 Mr & Mrs Calvo their SGU student son Nick and friend went out this morning. We followed birds on porpoise for several miles before finally catching up as the action stopped. A brief resumption of feeding saw us in the right spot to hook this 93 lb yellowfin tuna which Mr Calvo beat in about 10 minutes on 80 lb test. We followed the birds south and ended up close to the shoals where we had a good hook up on a sailfish for a few minutes before it was able to spit the hook. 2 small dorado rounded out the morning - we released the smallest and kept the other for dinner. Clients had tuna for lunch at Victory Bar Port Louis.
13th October 2011 Terry Francis is a very keen fisherman but had never experienced anything like today's action - we ran out to the 3000ft contour and worked north to the 6000ft line - birds were seen working there but before we reached them a sailfish hit the short corner ballyhoo - Albie had to drop back twice to it before getting a good hook up - tagged and released 10 minutes later. The birds had gone a little north by then so we followed them for about 2 miles before getting into the center of porpoise and birds feeding.The fishfinder was showing bait in one area so we worked around it and got 3 yellowfin strikes in a matter of seconds - only one hooked up however and it took Terry 45 minutes to get that in on 50 lb test - weighed at 110 lbs later. After that a small dorado provided Terry and his wife with dinner this evening.
12th September 2011 Dorado for the Kramers today - not big but good fun - we caught 8 released one and lost many more. All around weedlines just 6 miles offshore in calm water and sunny skies.
16th August 2011 Dr Steve Smallwood ventured out again today and was rewarded with this nice yellowfin tuna of 62 lb which he beat in 10 minutes on 50lb test. We also had a brief hook up on a sailfish and caught 2 barracudas. Dr Smallwoods results just goes to show Grenada does have some good big game fishing even in the off season....
14th August 2011 Dr Steve Smallwood caught this excellent late season dorado today - at 43 lb probably the biggest we ever caught at this time of year and certainly our biggest for 2011. We also had another dorado strike and 2 finicky sailfish strikes which we were not able to hook up..
14th July 2011

Ollie & Josh Pastars did not have to wait long to get their first taste of offshore gamefishing - after just 5 minutes trolling we had 5 wahoo strikes almost simultaneaously - 2 hooked up - a 43 lb fish for Josh and a 40lb one for Ollie.

Mind you we never had a bite after that success so probably should have called it quits there & then!

13th July 2011 Andy had to wait until the last minute of this afternoon's trip for this 35 lb wahoo to bite the shotgun bait. Earlier we had passed through hundreds of porpoise with no strikes although we had hoped for a yellowfin tuna....
19th June 2011 William Knight tried his luck today and was rewarded with a tag & release of a 50lb sailfish. We also missed another sailfish and had 2 "knockdowns" where the sailfish did not return to the bait. Our last trip out saw a good size blue marlin hooked up but eventually lost after the line had cut through the leader on another rod damaging itself in the process and breaking about 5 minutes later..

6th June 2011

SGU students ventured out a month before leaving Grenada for good and were rewarded with this 20 lb wahoo and missed another. They also caught barracudas and a rainbow runner
10th May 2011 Peter caught this 31lb wahoo after 5 hours with only 1 missed sailfish strike - working around the same area produced a 26lb dorado as well. Nobody went home hungry...

28th April 2011
Todd Allred beat an estimated 400lb blue marlin today in 40 minutes on 80lb test. The fish ate a Joe Yee super plunger on the short corner whilst we were fishing close to some sailfish 12 miles offshore. We tagged the fish just in time alongside the boat then the hook fell out!
27th April 2011

Brennan Adam (aged 8) tagged and released a 55lb sailfish today - and yes he did wind it in all by himself (probably the youngest angler to ever do so on our boat).

We hope this marks the start of a bright career for this young angler.

22nd April 2011 Ryan McKenna tagged and released his 2nd sailfish with us today and just like his first we were fishing the edge of the shallows at the time! Other fish caught were blackfin tuna and barracuda which went for the BBQ...
20th April 2011

Matt Parfitt got this 18lb wahoo on a very calm mornings fishing where we also caught barracuda and blackfin tuna.

2nd April 2011 Celia Napier tagged and released an estimated 100lb Blue marlin today whilst husband Mike got a consolation dorado of 22lb. Two other dorado and sailfish managed to escape by throwing out the hooks...Blue water and birds everywhere today - things improving at last after a slow spell.
31st March 2011 Vladimir Lozhkin did his first offshore fishing trip and was rewarded with 2 dorado to 14lb this morning.
19 - 22nd March 2011

Team "Yes Aye" went to Barbados tournament and had a great time - we only released one blue marlin but had several more hooked up which did not make it to the boat. see our facebook page for more photos


14th March 2011 Phil Baker was out again with 4 other clients this morning and ended up being lucky again with a 30lb wahoo. 3 other 'hoo strikes did not hook up but we did boat a barracuda
12th March 2011 Ron Julian and friends from SGU went out again this morning and after a very slow start had good wahoo action with 6 strikes 4 hook ups and 3 in the boat - better quality fish today as well at 38, 30 and 27lb. Some of which went straight to the Victory Bar at Port Louis for them to feast on!
11th March 2011 Phil Baker got this 20lb wahoo today - one of 3 simultaneous strikes from them - we also caught blackfin tunas and barracuda
10th March 2011 The Cattel family tried their luck this morning and were rewarded with a 20lb wahoo (another was lost) plus 4 blackfin tunas.
3rd March 2011 Chris Beigel caught this 20lb dorado this morning (aka mahi mahi, aka dolphin aka dinner!)
1st March 2011 Irene Clark had to wait until the last minute of todays trip to get this colourful 16lb wahoo
25th Feb 2011 Clients from Silver Cloud cruise ship this morning - rough seas and rainy conditions were not the best but we managed to get 4 dorado strikes hooked 3 and 2 came into the boat. Loads of porpoise were seen coming back in but no tunas...
21st Feb 2011 Andy Windmill was unlucky to lose a small blue marlin early on today but made up for it by tagging and releasing this 60lb sailfish. Andy has now graduated to doing his own hook ups so can boast that he Really caught this fish!
15th Feb 2011 Andy Windmill (fishing buddy from way back in the day) finally got to cross yellowfin tuna off his wish list today with this fine 132lb specimen which took an arm wrenching 2hrs 15 minutes on 50lb test. He had warmed up earlier in the day with a brace of dorado to 14lb.
2nd Feb 2011 Gregory Pope (left) caught this 112lb yellowfin tuna after a half hour fight on 50lb test this morning. We also had a sailfish strike which did not hook up...
1st Feb 2011

Leonard Johnstone caught this 25lb dorado on a rough day today - we also hooked up a sailfish but it managed to spit the hook.


30th Jan 2011 James Meier (SGU vet student) got to fight and release this 150lb blue marlin this morning - wehad not been trolling for more than 5 minutes when the fish came up. After that seas got choppy so we came inshore and caught a couple of barracudas.


30th Jan 2011 Team Ireland did not have any luck in the tournament this year but at least Brian got this 39lb dorado as a consolation prize....
16th Jan 2011 Patrick McFadden organised a group of SGU students today - action started with a billfish hook up within the first hour - thought it might have been a white marlin but the photo suggest a small blue about 60lb for Charles Koon (the fish released itself immediately the tag was placed!). Later in the trip whilst fishing alongside a longline we hooked a 2nd small blue - this one was about 70lb but really feisty and colourful. It put up a great show jumping all over the back of the boat - tagged and released for Jon Robinson. After that 2 deep water barracuda provided lunch!
10th Jan 2011

Nick Phillips and friends cruised into Grenada and went a fishing this morning - results caught and released a reef shark first off then hooked 3 wahoo - only one made to the boat though - a 25lb fish. The trip back up the edge was pretty bouncy today - strong currents running.


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