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30th December 2017

Melissa Bora organised this trip for her dad and her husband who is an SGU student. Her Dad ended up in the chair on a double header of sailfish - the first one came off but the we released this the 2nd. Later we pulled the hook on a yellowfin tuna on a very rainy trip...


27th December 2017

Maryann Furman guest at SAndals La Source caught a small sailfish. We also raised a blue marlin and another sailfish but no hook ups on those...


16th December 2017

James Leman guest at Sandals released this little (15lb approx) sailfish this morning, we were 1 for 2 on them.



24th December 2017

Mark Fowkes voyaging on P&O Britannia went 2 for 6 on sailfish today, we hooked 4 of the 6 but 2 managed to get away. Still Mark was happy to catch his first billfish with us in Grenada



23rd December

Jason Gordon's family went 3 for 3 on sailfish , it nearly ended badly though when the 3rd fish jumped in the boat straight at Jason's wife!! She lived to tell the tale though



16th December 2017

Michael SGU med student organised todays post finals expedition and was rewarded with this 92lb yellowfin tuna... they were last seen heading to victory bar with part of it!


16th December 2017

James Leman guest at Sandals released this little (15lb approx) sailfish this morning, we were 1 for 2 on them.



13th December 2017

Dave Dudley jumped off the Crystal Serenity cruise ship this morning and ended up fighting this 87 lb yellowfin tuna on sailfish gear! It was hard work but we made it back in time for lunch...



28th November 2017

Greg Wolanin was hooked up on 3 sailfish from 5 bites, we tagged 2 of them this morning - good action.


26th November 2017

Edward Prentice was lucky with 2 nice wahoo of 35 & 49 lb this morning - we didnt miss any others!



20th November 2017

Jason Gibson holds the leader on his sailfish before releasing it, we were 1 for 2 on them and 0 for 1 on blue marlin.



19th November 2017

Melvyn Young always wanted to catch a sailfish and got his wish come true today with this 55lb fish tagged & released. He also caught a dorado and 2 other sailfish were missed



17th November 2017

A trip for guests at Sandals La Source this morning saw a 45lb sailfish release for Dan Carter (his 2nd trip with us paid off !) after 30 minutes and a 40lb sailfish release for Alan Bittman about an hour later around porpoise & birds. We finished the morning 2 for 2 on sailfish



14th November 2017

we were 2 for 2 on sailfish this morning - a 55lb one we tagged first for Chris Goggin



13th November 2017

Lynda munshower released this 35lb sailfish this morning, we were 1 for 2 on them



11th November 2017

Doc Martin guest at La Luna got a double header of sailfish this morning, tagged & released both of them and followed it up with a double header of mahi mahi for dinner..



4th November 2017

Frank Benjamin released this 45lb sailfish, his SGU student brother Mark caught a mahi for dinner



23rd October 2017

Ian Beach staying at Spice island Beach Resort tagged & released a 45lb sailfish after we saw yellowfin tuna with porpoise but got no bites from them


10th October 2017

Sheli Schneider's 55lb sailfish. Sheli and Marc were staying at Sea Glass Apartments Grand Anse - a beautiful spot where Manta rays were cruising along the beach yards away..



9th September 2017

John Foster had his honeymoon switched from St John's to Grenada last minute due to the monster hurricane IRMA which devastated those islands recently.. However he did manage to tag & release this 50lb sailfish his first ever (apologies for poor image quality).




3rd July 2017

Aaron Tidwell staying at Sandals La Source, whipped this 135 lb yellowfin in 40 minutes on 50 lb test  



9th June 2017

Mason Burgess and Brian Sisson cradle their 45 & 48 lb wahoo caught this afternoon..
Both clients are staying at the fabulous Sandals La Source and booked their fishing trip through the island routes tour desk at the resort..


6th June 2017

Tom Duffy has fished many times with us before but today he got his first ever sailfish release. Later in the morning he also caught a decent sized dorado for lunch  


25th April 2017

11 year old Zane Rattray released a 250 lb blue marlin this morning (he had a bit of help..) .. we also pulled hooks on 2 sailfish prior to hooking the blue



20th April 2017

Jim Cooper guest at Sandals La Source caught this 50 lb sailfish this morning. We were 1 for 1 on them and pulled the hook on a yellowfin tuna too.. 


17th April 2017

Two trips today... this morning Ruari Reynier caught a 45lb sailfish we were 1 for 3 on them..this afternoon Martin Lentsch caught this 102 lb yellowfin tuna shortly after his son Philipp caught a sailfish. We had 2 tuna strikes at same time but ony 1 hooked so were were 1 for 1 on sails and 1for 2 on tuna this afternoon


15th April 2017

SGU student Brittany caught this 140 lb yellowfin tuna this morning in under an hour on 50 lb test - not bad going seeing as she only weighs 120 lb herself!! Everyone got tuna for dinner tonight 


14th April 2017

Carney Turner got this his biggest ever fish (a 40lb sailfish) this afternoon. Tagged & released of course


13th April 2017

Sandals La Source guest Jake  Frankenbach caught his first ever big fish when he released this 45lb sailfish 


7th April 2017

Todd Allred caught this nice blue marlin in the last 10 minutes of his final trip with us this year..


4th April 2017

Trevor got this 88 lb yellowfin and his partner Katie released a 45 lb sailfish to boot... not a bad half day trip..  


3rd April 2017

Todd Allred got this sailfish release whilst we were fishing around yellowfin tuna.. just as well as the tuna were not biting...  


todd sf
1st April 2017

14 year old Campbell Nixon beat this 141lb yellowfin tuna in 90 minutes on 50lb test



29th March 2017

Shawn Martin released this 45lb sailfish this morning   In the afternoon David Conrod caught another sailfish about the same size



28th March 2017

Dan Gravila guest at Mt. Cinnamon resort released this 45lb sailfish this morning we were 1 for 3 on them, we also saw yellowfin with porpoise but the only fish that struck missed the bait.


25th March 2017

Todd Allred back on his annual visit and off to a good start with this 150 lb yellowfin which took quite a while on 50..



19th March 2017

Kayla Ross SGU organised this mornings fishing - we lost 2 decent fish before going shallower and nailing this 43 lb wahoo right at the end of the trip

8th March 2017

Simon Goodman fulfilled his quest to catch a blue marlin this morning when he got a 300 lb one to the boat after about an hour on 50 lb test. The fish ate a ballyhoo on a 6/0 fine wire circle hook to a short 100 lb fluorocarbon leader - hence capt. didnt get a picture as the hook broke when he had it on the leasder for the 2nd time


27th February 2017

Jeremy Pembroke guest at The Calabash Hotel caught this 151 lb yellowfin tuna in75 minutes this morning on 80 lb test. Friend Richard Legge also caught a dorado. Seas were 4-6ft offshore but the fishing made it worthwhile

26th February 2017

Bob Kopyta guest at Sandals LaSource released this 50 lb sailfish this morning. We also saw yellowfin tunas with porpoise but they were not biting...

24th February 2017

Andy Windmill added another sailfish release to his tally today (his birthay), He was unlucky to lose another very close to the boat

22nd February 2017

Ed Velardi went out again and had similar luck to yesterday with a brace of dorado and another sailfish release (many others were missed unfortunately).

21st February 2017

Ed Velardi started his day well with a nice double header of dorado the folowed up with a sailfish release and 2 triple hook ups of dorado (we boated 4) - we then had a lot of tricky sailfish bites but were unable to hook them up

17th February 2017

Peter McAleese from Calgary released this blue marlin this morning and said he had fulfilled a lifelong ambition in doing so! The 225 lb marlin took only about 10-15 minutes on 80 lb test

9th February 2017

Andy Windmill back on his annual Grenada holiday and chalked up another 2 sailfish releases

8th February 2017

Talon Sprouse released this 40lb sailfish this morning - slow bite though 1 for 1

7th February 2017

Ronald Gay guest at Sandals La Source caught this 40 lb sailfish this morning - we were 1 for 2 on them. We also saw porpoise feeding but no sign of tuna

6th February 2017 Austyn Jenkins fishes around the world and is here in Grenada this week. We went 1 for 3 on Sailfish this morning - this nice 50 lb one being tagged & rleased as usual. We also saw porpoise pilot whales and yellowfin tunas but not bites forthcoming from the latter
25th January 2017

This large white marlin was the only points we scored in this years Budget Marine Spice SIland billfish tournament.. we also pulled the hooks on a decent blue marlin on day one. The white marlin was big enough to have beaten the tournament record of 82 lb but we didnt kill it...
thanks to Johan Van Tonder and Glen Jacobs for making up the team once again..

24th January 2017 Chris Jones staying at Spice Island Beach Resort released this 110 lb blue marlin this morning
17th January 2017

Gemma & Simon Harris guests at Spice Island Beach Resort had a great morning trip with Simon hooking up on a big tuna in the first 5 minutes! Unfortunately the fish ate a sailfish bait rigged on a small circle hook and 100lb fluorocarbon leader on 50lb main line.. this successfully got the fish to the boat but the hook snapped when we had hold of the leader after 70 minutes.. a pic was taken though.. Gemma got in the action about 30 minutes later and beat this 92lb yellowfin in 10 minutes on 80lb test. We also missed 2 sailfish bites..


14th January 2017 Martyn Berry released this 55lb sailfish this morning - we were 1 for 4 on them though - a 2nd hook up managing to spit it after a jump.. He also caught a 15lb wahoo and some barracudas
12th January 2017

Martyn Berry ventured out again and got this tiny 35lb blue marlin release plus we lost another one later on so 1 for 2..

11th January 2017 Martyn Berry returned to Grenada and managed to release this 50lb sailfish this afternoon, it was a slow bite as we were 1 for 1 on them
9th January 2017 Great half day trip this morning for Sandals La Source clients, first up Larry Duncan James released a 45lb sailfish, not too long after we released another for Susan Heintzman. Then we started seeing porpoise with big yellowfin tuna amongst them, whilst chasing them we hooked up a 110 lb blue marlin for James Heintzman - all 3 fish were tagged and released..
5th January 2017 Past customer from a lot of years back Cato Stonex returned to Grenada and we got him straight back on the fish releasing 2 sailfish (we were 2 for 3 on them plus 0 for 1 on a small blue). We also saw yellowfins and had 1 strike but the $"** fish missed the bait..
4th January 2017 Ian Thorpe returned to Grenada and caught this 45 lb sailfish this morning.. we also caught some small dorado and missed 2 other sails so we were 1 for 3 on them today
3rd January 2017 Tatum Marquis - vet student at SGU organised this trip today which saw us catch our first billfish of 2017 - a double header of sailfish!! We also saw yellowfin tuna again but no bites from them today


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