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31st December 2014

Young Logan Hembree released this 45 lb sailfish in choppy conditions this morning - now he can hold his own against mum n dad who caught sailfish in Costa Rica!

29th December 2014 Kendra Antonides got this sailfish this afternoon
28th December 2014

Daniel Green caught this 50 lb sailfish after losing a nice dorado... We also saw yellowfin tuna jumping but no bites from them unfortunately..

26th December 2014

Andrew Gamble and son Patrick had a morning to remember releasing 3 sailfish from 4 bites - best fish was easy 60 lb+
They had never tried this type of fishing before = beginners luck?

24th December 2014

Maddie Buchanan got this 45 lb sailfish today - her family decied to to give the sport a go - they were in Grenada on a cruise ship

Day before we got the leader on an estimated 400 lb blue marlin for George St Quentin today after an epic 2 hour fight on 50 lb test that took us chasing it all over the ocean! No one got a shot of the fish jumping or the brief moment it was on the leader alongside the boat either - the fish took off again and the main line popped at the swivel... never to be forgotten though...p

16th December 2014 Robert Urban (daughter Jessica is an SGU vet student) caught this 60 lb sailfish this morning tagged & released. In the afternoon vet student Andrew Bodenstein caught a 33 lb wahoo, several big barracudas also rounded out the menu for the evening!
30th November 2014

Shane (guest at Sandals) was feeling seasick but it did not stop him winding in this 30 lb wahoo this morning (it also helped that his wife told him to "man up" lol)

29th November 2014

Richard Barnes caught a 40 lb long bill spearfish (a rare catch here) and it gave him a good fight on 50 lb line. A short while later we hooked up a 200 lb blue marlin which went crazy for a few minutes and then the circle hook pulled....

25th November 2014 Keeny Jake & Reed staying at Sandals went fishing today and Reed was the big winner with this 148 lb yellowfin tuna - a records for Sandals guests. It took him 90 minutes on 50 lb test. Kenny & Jake both caught small dorado
19th November 2014 Bill Stolpe did an afternoon half day and got a release on a 50 lb sailfish before the weather went to hell with squally rain showers..
15th November 2014

Marko Kujanp from Finland beat his previous best catch (an 18kg salmon) this morning when he won a 75 minute battle with a 90 lb yellowfin tuna!

This fish took a circle hook ballyhoo around a few porpoise

14th November 2014 Repeat client John McLoughlin was happy to catch a 50 lb sailfish this morning breaking his run of bad fishing luck! Just shows you have to keep trying..
13th November 2014 2 half days for Sandals guests today, in the morning Jose Rodriguez caught a 35lb sailfish and in the afternoon Warren Wilburn caught a 50 lb sailfish and Will Ames caught an 81 lb yellowfin tuna!! All on a day where plenty of liquid sunshine was experienced!
11th November 2014 Repeat customer Edward Prentice staying at Spice ISland Beach resort caught this 50 lb sailfish this morning continuing his 100% success rate on billfish in his last 3 trips with us!
6th November 2014 Client Roy Jones kindly allowed his taxi driver Chris to accompany him this morning and let Chris catch a 20 lb wahoo
1st November 2014 17 year old Benjamin Cockram had a red letter day releasing a 50 lb sailfish to start and then following this up with a 120 lb blue marlin !! Great fishing..
30th October 2014 Christian Ricciardi staying at Sandals was lucky to catch & release a 55 lb sailfish this afternoon.
29th October 2014 Bill Cheatham's group of friends cruising on Celebrity summit had a pleasant morning in calm seas and caught a nice brace of dorado. We also raised 2 sailfish but could not get them to eat the bait...
24th October 2014 Stephen Nicholson was the lucky Sandals guest to catch & release a 50 lb sailfish this morning. We also amanaged to boat a 25 lb wahoo although a shark removed a few pounds of it on the way to the boat!
15th October 2014 Walter Kean from Canada released a feisty 60 lb sailfish this morning after a good battle - it was our only bite of the morning though..
11th October 2014 Vet students from SGU today - Palmer (r) caught a nice mahi but Niko (2nd r) 42lb wahoo was catch of the day and a good fight too.. Plenty fish dinners went home..
8th October 2014 Selen (left) caught this 23 lb wahoo this morning (with a little assistance from Dustin Edwards). We alos had a blackfin tuna munched by a shark and Selen also caught a dorado on her first ever fishing trip! In the afternoon we had 2 missed wahoo strikes but finally the Sandals guests caught a 14 lb barracuda that put up a good fight in the final minutes of the trip..
6th October 2014 Johan Van Tonder caught this 33 lb wahoo this morning and we had another wahoo strike that didnt hook up.
29th September 2014 Nigel Merchant staying at Spice Island Beach Resort caught this 142 lb yellowfin tuna this morning after only 20 minutes on 80 lb test.. we also caught a dorado and lost a sailfish after a brief hook up.
25th September 2014 Nathan Romanko staying at Sandals La Source caught this 45 lb sailfish this morning which we tagged & released. We had 2 strikes after this but were unable to hook them up... a few sails have been encountered recently so hopefully this may herals the start of the winter billfish's hoping..
6th September 2014 Pete Barnaby staying at Sandals la Source caught this 27 lb wahoo this morning - his first fish ever!!
Not a bad way to start!
We also caught barracudas, small tuna and lost a small dorado
2nd September 2014 Phil Prestia caught this 23lb wahoo this morning. We also caught a double figure jack crevalle and some barracudas.
31st August 2014 SGU student & friends / family today ended up with Jeremy catching this 15 lb wahoo - first one we have caught since 2nd July...= fish dinner at Victory Bar @ Port Louis Marina...
19th July 2014 Cameron Duff on honeymoon at Sandals La Source caught this 88 lb yellowfin tuna this morning in 20 minutes on 50 lb test line.
As usual of late the bite was amongst porpoise and birds and was in 6500 ft of water (although we fish right on the surface..)
17th July 2014 Edward Prentice decided to pursue his luck again (see 10th July) this morning and had it confirmed when he tagged & released a 50 lb sailfish!
16th July 2014 Steve Turner caught this 133 lb yellowfin tuna in 20 minutes on 50 lb test this morning, another guest onboard was unlucky to lose a sailfish earlier in the 4 hour trip.. the tuna were feeding around porpoises and we had to chase them at 8 knots just to keep up!
15th July 2014 Mr Perrybush & Mr Wiemann guests at Sandals la Source got a double header of dorado weighing 15 & 18 lb this afternoon..
11th July 2014 David Randall crossed another item off his bucket list today when he landed a 97 lb yellowfin tuna after an epic battle. We had 2 simultaneous strikes but only one hooked up..
10th July 2014 Edward Prentice made another pilgrimage from the channel islands over to Spice Island Beach Resort, Grenada and was rewarded with a blue marlin (1 of 2 raised) tag & release est @ 95 lb and also caught a 15 lb barracuda this morning (capt apologises for messing up the video of the marlin at boatside..)
2nd July 2014 Blair Aimone caught this 24 lb wahoo this morning, she & her husband are on honeymoon at Sandals La Source. Another wahoo hooked at the same time managed to get away...
16th June 2014 Fernando Duran staying at Sandals La Source tagged & released a 200lb blue marlin this morning after a 25 minute fight on 80 lb test. We also raised a sailfish but that did not get hooked..
10th June 2014 Jane Suwalski staying at Sandals La Source was the only one to catch a fish this morning and a memorable one at that!
She tagged & released a 45lb sailfish but not before it actually jumped into the boat!! First time that ever happened to us... fortunately the fish the boat and the anglers were all unscathed...
28th May 2014 Newlyweds Bernie & Tamara Cornelius honeymooning at Sandals went fishing today and had pretty good action starting with a double header of dorado alongside a weedline - Tamaras fish weighed 30 lb.. Next Bernie got to tag & release a 50 lb sailfish that put on a good show.. 2 more sailfish bites were missed as well as a marlin plus another possible marlin was hooked but the hook came out after a minute or so..
25th May 2014 Blake Hammonds caught an est 140 lb yellowfin tuna today - we had it leadered to boatside but the hook straightened out under the strain and the fish escaped to fight another day..
20th May 2014 Two half days today - first up Andy & Tom got a double header of wahoo offshore - Andy boated his 28 lb fish quickly but Tom's 40 lb wahoo gave him a great fight on 30 lb tackle!
In the afternoon things were slower but we eneded the trip with a nice 24 lb wahoo for a young lady who had never been fishing before... not a bad first fish!
7th May 2014 Guest from Sandals caught these dorado of 22 & 27 lb this morning.
6th May 2014 6 guests from Sandals La Source on a half day trip got more than they bargained for - a 50 lb sailfish release for Randy Campbell was a high point 2 hours into the trip but this was somewhat overshadowed with less than an hour to go when we hooked a 126 lb yellowfin tuna that took 2 hours 20 minutes to get into the boat... yes we were late back..!
5th May 2014 Patrick Hargreaves had a memorable trip - first up was a 50 lb sailfish release - Patrick's first ever billfish. A couple more sails were raised and missed before a yellowfin tuna hooked up out of the bluee.. Patrick got this to the boat in 70 minutes on 50 - about 120 lb estimated - it escaped on the leader though! Finally 3 miles from home another sailfish came up and Patrick released hs 2nd billfish est 45 lb...
3rd May 2014 Robert Hayward caught this 45 lb sailfish which we tagged & released today. He also caught (but we failed to boat..) a large yellowfin tuna over 150 lb but the leader crimp failed alongside the boat - a caught fish but no sashimi !
26th April 2014 Geoff Marriott caught this 46 lb wahoo this morning - our biggest this year..
22nd April 2014 Mike Pellegrino staying at Sandals La Source tagged & released this est 200 lb blue marlin this morning after a 25 minute fight on 80 lb test. We also had 3 other billfish strikes which did not get hooked up..
20th April 2014 Edward Welniak caught this 28 lb wahoo this morning - his daughter is a student at SGU
17th April 2014 SGU vet students went out this morning (with family). Jamie Harver got the first and best fish of the day - a 36 lb wahoo which ensured everyone went home with fish for dinner..
11th April 2014 This morning we had a surprise hook up on a blue marlin on tackle more suited to small tuna - despite that we got the fish to with 10 yards of the boat before lsoing it - about 100 lb+.
This afternoon Patrick and Matthew Wall had some fun which included young Matthew catching the barracuda he wanted whilst Dad (Patrick) caught a fine 27 lb wahoo...
10th April 2014 Adam Stacey-Clear caught this 130lb yellowfin tuna today in 25 minutes on 50lb test.
4th, 6th & 8th April 2014 Wahoo time fish from 22 - 35lb have been showing up on last few trip inc a 25lb for Glen Jacobs and a 35lb for Russ Shilander today.
3rd April 2014 Sonny Hernandez & his brother crusing on Sea Dream I went a fishing this morning and caught a 45 lb sailfsh plus a 20lb wahoo and several barracuda..
30th March 2014 SGU vet students wound up getting plenty of fish for dinner today with barracudas, blackfin tunas and a brace of 17lb wahoo...
27th March 2014 Richard Street did a shared half day this morning and was lucky enough to get this 50 lb sailfish release, we did see some yellowfin tuna jumping the but the sail was the only bite of the trip..
23rd March 2014 Ziad Albermani (brother of SGU med student) tagged & released this 50 lb sailfish this morning, we later saw some yellowfin tuna around porpoise but no bites were forthcoming from them..
17th March 2014 David Airey (who last fished with us way back in 2004) retruned to Grenada staying at Sandals La Source. He had a good days fishing that was almost a fantastic day... he tagged & released 2 sailfish from 4 bites and was unlucky to lose a blue marlin after a brief hook up plus also had a take from a yellowfin tuna that somehow never got hooked. Finally a nice dorado ended a memorable trip..
13th March 2014 A wahoo day today, John Thurston got a cracking 41 lb wahoo at the end of this morning's half day and Hanna & William Nicholl's (staying at Sandals) got a brace of 20 lb fish this afternoon!
12th March 2014 Jeff Kastanek (SGU connection) caught this 50 lb sailfish on a circle hook ballyhoo rig today, we earlier had a big yellowfin tuna strike but it merely sliced the bait in half and left us with the hook... Jeff's daughter Liz was unlucky to lose a big wahoo right at the end of the trip..
10th March 2014 Carlos Pitts staying at Sandals la Source bagged this 32 lb wahoo on a trp with work colleagues today, many other barracuda and small tuna were also caught. We also saw porpoise with yellowfin tuna but no bites from the latter were forthcoming...
8th March 2014 Dominic Squillante celebrating his honeymoon at Sandals la Source was desperate to get out fishing... he was rewarded with this 90 lb yellowfin tuna which took just under an hour on 50 lb test this afternoon. At the time of the strike we had dolphins swimming close to the baits but the tuna just shouldered them out the way and nailed the shotgun bait (circle hook ballyhoo).
5th March 2014 Dean Tompkins celebrated his birthday (nobody knows how many...) in style today with a 24 lb skipjack early on and a 50 lb sailfish release at the end of the day (one of a double header with Neal Brand who's fish was a bit heavier at 55-60 lb). 2 for 4 on sails today with one lost after a seemingly decent hook up for Paul..
4th March 2014 Andy Windmill went 2 for 3 on sailfish and 1 for 1 on white marlin today (he hooked the latter himself) - a good result by any standards..
3rd March 2014 We went 2 for 3 on sailfish today - first Mark Jay tagged a 45 lb fish and 2 hours later Paul Fernadel released a 50 lb fish..
1st March 2014 Prof Ed Smallwood caught a 100 lb plus yellowfin tuna today - he didnt get to taste it though as the hook broke when we had the fish on the leader after 90 minutes on 50 lb test
27th February 2014 Todd Allred came back to Grenada (again!) and got lucky releasing 2 sailfish from 3 bites this morning. All on circle hook ballyhoo.
20th February 2014 Clients from Sandals today were entertained by some dorado action - of course the ladies came out on top bagging these 2 nice fish - a few others avoided capture..
14th February 2014 Vince De Bari missed a sailfish & a white marlin today but at least he snagged this 22lb wahoo right at end of play. Valentine's day 2014
9th February 2014 Scott & Lauren staying at La Luna went offshore this morning and were rewarded with this 45 lb white marlin release for Lauren - the fish was caught on a circle hook ballyhoo next to a drifting marker buoy. We missed another billfish strike and had a large wahoo cartwheel through the air with our bait only to come off again after a short run (j hook...).
7th February 2014 John McFadden's group of vet students from SGU went on a hardcore full day today. First up on the 6500ft contour was a lively 200 lb blue marlin which jumped twice right behind the boat before screaming 300 yds off an 80... 20 minutes later we had the leader in sight when the fish changed direction and the hook pulled. After that we followed birds down to 20 miles where there were loads of dorado including several swimming through our baits but they refused to touch anything we put in front of them.. after that frustration we headed south and hooked a white marlin on a circle hook ballyhoo that put on a good show before being tagged & released for Kennon Todd.. last action was at the "hump" where we had multiple wahoo strikes and hook ups - 2 made it into the boat providing all the students with fish to take home..
30th January 2014 Donald Leask went out on the morning of the lay day in the billfish tournament and we managed to put him on a 45 lb sailfish tagged & released of course - circle hook
29th January 2014 Day 2 for team Yes Aye in the Budget Marine Spice Island Billfish tournament, again no billfish caught but Connor Bystrom did get this fine 107 lb yellowfin tuna which would have put us 3rd in the boat pool section - IF we had entered that section - damn..!
27th January 2014 Practice day for team Yes Aye pre the Budget Marine Spice Island Billfish tournament which starts tomorrow - no billfish caught but Joe Van Tonder did get this fine 38 lb dorado...
23rd January 2014 Sean, Gary & John Kennedy went out on a very rough day today but the fish were biting we had 2 sails come up - hooked one but not the other - tagged & released est 50lb. After that we had 2 bites from yellowfin tuna but
22nd January 2014 Kevin Buckley came off the Celebrity cruise ship to do some fishing - it was a slow trip but a wahoo saved a skunk...
18th January 2014 Al & Paul went out today - missed a sailfish very ealry on then had a large blue marlin express some interest in the shotgun bait but disdain from taking it, finally two dorado came up close behind the boat and Paul caught this cracking 41 lb fish, the other wasnt hooked. Something had a go at the tail of the dorado - probably whilst it was on the line...
10th January 2014 Clients off the megayacht "Alfa Nero" released this 50 lb sailfish today
9th January 2014 Christopher Gray staying at the new Sandals La Source resort caught this 50 lb sailfish which we tagged and released this morning estimated at 50 lb
1st January 2014 SGU student Ryan Lee Cox invited his brothers and mother along for a new year's day fishing trip - whilst conditions were choppy the fish were bting and they ended up withan 84 lb yellowfin tuna, a 15lb wahoo and 2 baracudas. 4 sailfish bites were missed however..


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