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29th December 2012

Venezeulan's know good fishing - and they sure found some here in grenada too. First off we had 3 yellowfin tuna strikes that all missed the bait - number 4 hooked up though - 100 lb for William Gerlach - 25 minutes on 50 lb. We tracked back to the birds and porpoise and had another missed tuna strike before number 6 hooked up (circle hook this time) - William's brother Walter got this one super quick in about 15 minutes again on 50 lb test - it weighed 113 lb.. The action faltered after that although many tunas seen jumping - we started to head back and had 3 lines hit by good size dorado (mahi) - 2 dropped off but the 3rd (a 32lb bull) came into the boat for William's nephew Gary. Finally another line zipped off and we tagged & released a 35 lb sailfish for Felix Corrales.

All in all world class fishing today in Grenada 29 Dec 2012

28th December 2012 Mike & David Keaton ventured offshore today - we raised 4 sailfish - had 2 bites and got one tagged for David. We also saw dorado but they ignored all our baits completely.
26th December 2012

Another nice yellowfin as the year end approaches - 98 lb this time fro Gary King. It took approx 30 minutes on 50 lb test to boat this fish - Gary's first big game experience. Earlier in the morning trip we got up close & personal with a sperm whale and then loads of dolphins (we were near but not amongst these when the tuna struck.)

Overall a good Boxing day morning out..

22nd December 2012 Eric Fields organised this morning's trip - things were dead quiet at first - we eventually found some porpoise feeding around the 6000ft contour - they were scattered and we didnt see any fish although a sailfish did give a quick pull on one of the baits then disapperared. Just as I was giving up on the porpoise we saw some of them congregate in one spot - as we passed through that area I suddenly saw bait and fish on the sonar - 2 seconds later the flat line ballyhoo screamed off and the circle hook found its mark. 25 minutes later we boated a 120 lb yellow fin for Ian Dobbe - our first ever on a circle hook. A barracuda rounded out the mornings catch...
15th December 2012 Bothers Oscar & Eric Lagerberg from Sweden always fancied trying offshore fishing and came up trumps this afternoon with both of them tagging and releasing a sailfish. We also missed 2 more and had a small barracuda whcih we also released.
13th December 2012 SGU first term med students today - first up Bing Parkinson released a 55 lb sailfish - our first ever caught using a circle hook..we saw big yellowfin tunas amongst porpoise just before this but never got one to take a bait. Shortly after Leonard Leader released a 30 lb sailfish, we then headed south east and came to an area that obviously had fish - we missed another sail before James Pearson got a 40 lb sailfish to end the day 3 for 5 on sails, a barracuda for dinner ended the day...sweet.
3rd December 2012 Crew off a mega yacht did a half day today and had a great result! First up Henry Say caught a 50 lb sailfish which we tagged and released - his first ever billfish. Then a small dorado was boated and another missed. It went quiet for over an hour then the right rigger ballyhoo was engulfed and line screamed off - 35 minutes later we gaffed a yellow fin tuna which I estimated at 105 - 110 lbs - it was weighed on the dock at 150 lb ! Not a long fish but plenty of girth. Everyone will be enjoying fresh tuna sashimi tonight!

28th November 2012 John McLoughlin caught his first ever sailfish today in choppy and windy conditions - we tagged and released it for him est. 545 lb - our first billfish of the winter season (the last 5 we hooked all managed to spit the hook after varying lengths of time!).
25th November 2012 Leslie Francis was lucky on his first deep sea fishing trip today - he caught this 24 lb wahoo which was a good introduction to the sport..
19th November 2012 Clive Hill enjoys fighting fish and he got a good fight from this 23 lb wahoo which screamed off line like it was a 50 lb fish today. Blackfin tuna made up most of the rest of the mroning's catch.
18th November 2012 Ladies did the best this morning - especially when Chris Wilbricht caught her 26 lb wahoo right at the end of he trip! We finished the morning with 2 dorado, 3 barracuda, a blackfin tuna plus the wahoo.
10th November 2012 Blue water everywhere today but nothing biting offshore so spent 2 hours on the edge and got king mackerel, cero mackerel, blackfin tuna, a 27 lb wahoo and 8 barracuda.
19th October 2012 Ron Polk had to wait to almost the last minute of this mornings trip to catch this 18 lb wahoo. We earlier had at least 5 sailfish strikes but they were very small fish and we didnt come close to hooking any of them which was frustrating..
18th October 2012 Dave Holeyman caught this 105 lb yellowfin tuna in 25 minutes on his own rod & reel this morning (a Shimano TLD25 loaded with 60 lb mono - like 300 yds tops!). We nearly got spooled but it went our way in the end. Straight after we got a couple of small dorado then hooked a big sailfish that jumped and spat the hook.. Just at the end of the trip we repeated this with another sailfish - same result unfortunately. All in all a memorable mornings fishing though
6th October 2012 Dan Slack from SGU went out with his parents this morning hoping to get some fish to eat. At first it was very slow but then a 40 lb wahoo ate the shotgun ballyhoo and gave Dan a good fight for 10 minutes. After that we caught a blackfin tuna and lost a dorado (mahi)
21st September 2012 Jack & friends from SGU experimented with fishing today and had some luck with Jack getting a 21 lb wahoo plus everyone else had action with blackfin tuna, mahi mahi and even a rainbow runner...
25th August 2012 Nigel Felton's group of first timers really struck it big today with 2 of the lads winding in big yellow fin tunas of 81 and 93 lb !! Both fish took about 20 minutes on 50 lb test and were caught in an area with some porpoise and only a few birds...right place right time as always.
18th August 2012 SGU vet student Stephanie organised a half day with her parents and class mates - they were well rewarded with 13 fish altogether including a 35 lb reef shark which we released. Good fun and plenty of filets for the BBQ...
30th July 2012 First timer Anna caught this 23 lb wahoo today - we lost another one and caught rainbow runner, blackfin tuna and barracuda.
7th July 2012 Michael and Linda Palsky visited Grenada from Texas on their 4th wedding anniversary (they honeymooned in Costa Rica and went offshore fishing there for the first time). On their afternoon half day trip first up was a possible marlin strike amongst some weed - the fish did not hook up, shortly after a small dorado about 8lb was boated to get off the mark. Then the trusty binoculars reveleaed more birds feeding out on the 6000ft contour 11 miles offshore - when we got there I marked 4 big echoes down at 100ft on the fish finder - a minute later we had a double header of yellow fin tuna! To cut a long story short Michael caught the first fish est 120 lb in 90 minutes but we lost it at boatside when the leader broke - we then got the 2nd fish into the boat - later weighed at 91 lb - a great afternoon's fishing!
29th June 2012 Went out to celebrate Andrew Welhams 30th birthday along with best buddy Ben Vilalobos. First reunion of team "Yes Aye" since Barbados 2011 tournament.. quiet start was turned around 20 miles offshore when a blind strike resulted in a firm hook up on a moldcraft widerange lure. Andrew sweated for 45 minutes on 80 lb before we boated a 150 lb yellowfin tuna. Next half hour saw 2 sailfish bites - one pricked enough to jump and spit the lure. Barracudas were a nuisance until we got back to 11 miles off when a nice blue marlin ate the short corner joe yee superplunger - 40 minutes on 80 lb saw Andrew tag and release this fish which we estimated at least 400 lb. Great birthday to remember forever..
27th June 2012

Thomas Bills group of SGU med students went out today - we saw a big yellowfin tuna jump amongst porpoise at one point but no strikes were forthcoming. We then went to the shallows and started to catch barracuda - then a 32 lb wahoo hit the shotgun islander ballyhoo and gave a good fight (Sean did most of the work and Thomas did the last bit!). Plenty of fish suppers coming up..


21st June 2012 Gil & Scott Hutchinson did a half day with Steve Lewis today. After a slow start offshore with only porpoise seen we diverted to the shallows. This produced 3 blackfin tunas and a barracuda but pride of place was a 43 lb wahoo for Gil. This fish fought well after taking a yo-zuri bonita lure.
12th June 2012 Tom Aylott tried offshore fishing as a break from carp fishing at home and was rewarded with 2 nice dorado - at the same time! First to come to the boat was an 18lb bull followed by an 11lb cow. Another strike went unhooked at same time. Later in the trip a billfish came up on the right rigger bait but never ran with the bait...

28th May 2012 Adam Kujawa told us he was unlucky when offshore fishing but as he had his partner Keri with him I told him the ladies usually do well! For the first 3 hours of the 4 hour trip it looked like he would indeed be unlucky as we had no strikes and had only seen porpoise. However in this game you must never give up and half an hour later we had a good strike on the left rigger bait that was hooked and a decent sized marlin started jumping about 400yds from the boat. By coincidence a boat with a World Fishing Network fiim crew on board was nearby and rushed over to capture some great footage of us releasing the 220 lb estimated blue marlin. Watch out for "Bill Boyce's IGFA Saltwater Adventures" season 2 Grenada episode on the WFN channel coming soon!!

27th May 2012 Bride & Groom who got married in Grenada last friday were on the boat today along with family and friends. After a slow start with just a small blackfin tuna we relocated to another area and after a missed strike we hooked up a 32 lb wahoo.
9th May 2012 Todd Allred ventured out again this morning and was well rewarded with his first sailfish (a hard fighting 60 lb example) which we tagged and released for him. The next 2 hours were quiet despite fishing around plenty of porpoise - we started to head back in and another group of porpoise came across our bow and we had a spectacular take on the right rigger ballyhoo which we boated 20 minutes later - an 85 lb yellowfin tuna - Todd's 2nd of this holiday!. Well pleased with this we continued on in only to raise another sailfish and then right at the end a screaming take produced a 35 wahoo - Todd's first in Grenada - all in all a great morning's fishing!

29th April 2012 Peggy & Todd Allred made their now annual pilgrimage from Casper Wyoming to Grenada. Conditions did not look great at the start with heavy overnight rain and choppy seas forecast...reality was calm seas and good fish action!. First up was an 82 lb yellowfin for Todd - boated after 25 minutes on 50lb test. Next fish was a 250 - 300 lb blue marlin for Peggy - she got it to the boat in 30 minutes - we grabbed the leader and started to pull it close for a photo and the hook fell out - a release but no cigar. Half an hour later a bigger blue ate the same lure ran off slowed then accelerated and the libe went slack...on inspection the lure was still there but the hook had gone...seemed to be a big fish.. Finally on the way back in peggy wound in a pretty little dorado to add some variety to their impending tuna diet.. Great fun!
28th April 2012 Nick Blake, Glen Jacobs and Steve Nattrass went for a half day offshore this morning - we found porpoise feeding like crazy in a small area and were waiting to hook a tuna but instead got 3 strikes from dorado - getting one for Nick. After that we kept working around the same area and had a big strike which must have been a tuna but it missed the hook...
14th April 2012 Era Singh organised a group of her SGU friends to go fishing this morning and they were happy to come back with 2 dorado and a skipjack tuna..
11th April 2012 Russians from the yacht Marie Gallante II went fishing this monring and were rewarded with 2 good hook ups - the first was the 82 lb yellowfin shown here the 2nd was a bigger tuna - possibly about 120 lb which we got to the boat but not IN the boat !! Leader broke when it touched the side of the boat. Still not a bad result for a short trip..
8th April 2012 Teddy Bukrinsky and friends (Eric, Anu, jamie & Didi - all SGU) went out today and had some fun at first only with small barracuda & blackfin tuna but later on they hooked up a "real" fish - a 110 lb blue marlin which we tagged & released for Teddy. Thanks for coming guys & gals - you were all great company!
7th April 2012 John Tedesco and SGU friends went out this morning - lovely conditions but one person got mal de mer badly so we made an early finish but not before Aaron landed a nice wahoo of 33 lb - a great eating fish.
5th April 2012 Jason Bunn organised some SGU classmates to go fishing this morning and had a blast releasing a blue marlin estimated at 120 lb straight off the bat and following it up with 3 nice dorado - a double header of 25 and 16 lbs and later a 27 lb fish. Victory Bar did the honours at lunchtime..
1st April 2012 Cameron Brammer (SGU student) arranged todays excursion - conditions were not that good but we still managed to catch 2 dorado to 15lb and a surprise skipjack of 14 lb. We also saw one large yellowfin tuna in between porpoises but got no strikes from them..The dorado featured on the grill at The Victory Bar (Port Louis Marina) that evening..
25th Mar 2012 Mahdi Kashani of SGU took his family out fishing this morning. After a slow start we changed areas and were rewarded with 5 wahoo strikes, 3 of which were hooked and 2 made it into the boat. Both were nice fish 48 & 30 lb respectively. Victory Bar at Port Louis did the honours preparing a fresh fish lunch..
17th Mar 2012 First 3 hours of todays 4 hour trip were devoid of life, then a large pod of spinner dolphins approached us from behind and put on a great show for several minutes, as we turned away from them a good sized blue marlin knocked the out rigger bait down and then crashed behind the short marlin lure - neither line ran at all and the fish did not return. We carried on south and 10 minutes later hooked up this 70 lb blue marlin wich we tagged and released for Liam Mulhall after a short but lively fight. As we were pulling up our lines to go back in we had another strike which ran the line twice but failed to get hooked - either a sailfish or possibly a wahoo...
16th Mar 2012 Half day for Mr & Mrs Cullum from South Carolina today provided good action. An early sailfish ran with the short right bait came off then ate the right rigger bait - Nancy only had it on for a short time though before it shook the hook. Next was a double header of dorado - Nancy boated hers (12lb) but the other fell off at the back of the boat. Tried fishing closer in - a blue marlin ran the left rigger - dropped it and came sideways across the shotgun ballyhoo - a second later the line ran out - with a wahoo !!! The wahoo must have been swimming alongside the marlin...anyway it weighed 27lb. Another sailfish knockdown ended the very active morning.
14th Mar 2012 Glen Jacobs bought his son James out again today sharing with Mr & Mrs Tony Bond. After a slow start a marlin came into the spread - pulled one line then looked at the teaser for 5 minutes - a change of lure tempted the fish and Glen had a 15 - 20 minute fight on 80lb line before we could tag & release the estimated 220 lb blue marlin. The marlin had some recent wounds on it which suggest that perhaps it may have been too close to a boat propellor recently? It was swimming and feeding normally though. Hopefully we may have taught it to be more careful of boats in the future!
11th Mar 2012 Michael Drake bought his son and other SGU friends out fishing today - Michael and brendan started well catching 2 nice 15lb dorado - another dorado strike was missed. The a blue marlin ran off with a bait but escaped the hook. Later in the trip 2 strikes out of the blue resulted in a solid hook up on a very large yelowfin tuna which we had on the leader briefly after an hour but had to dump it when the fish ran off again. We had the fish back about 30ft from the boat for a long time until an accident with the rod broke the line - estimate 180 lb+ Sad end but a great action trip.
10th Mar 2012 Glen Jacobs bought his son James out fishing today and shared a half day with Nick & Sarah Burton. Seas were calmer than of late and loads of sargassum weed around so no surprise to catch 3 dorado and miss another. James got the first, Nick the 2nd and James again for the 3rd.
After that we saw a sailfish free jumping and it did come into the baits but regrettably did not decide to eat anything
2nd Mar 2012 Vince DeBari made his annual SGU pilgramage to Grenada and succeeded in catching these two dorado and wahoo. Heavy rain and high winds this week have made fishing pretty difficult..
29th Feb 2012 John Watson booked a short fishing trip for himself and colleague. They elected to go for quantity rather an quality but succeeded with 3 small tunas and a nice 15lb king mackerel/
23rd Feb 2012 Steve & Keith are more accustomed to ice fishing in Canada than deep sea fishing in the Caribbean - they did not do too badly however as Steve caught a dorado which they will enjoy for dinner and Keith caught and released a sailfish approaching 50lb.
16th Feb 2012 Phil Baker & Paul West went out this morning and ended up releasing a 55 lb sailfish for Paul then boated 3 nice dorado - 2 for Phil (26 & 18 lb) and one for Paul (22lb).
15th Feb 2012 Brian & Jane Barker did a mornings fishing in Grenada after arriving on a cruise ship. Brian got to catch this 20 lb dorado but several sailfish bites were missed unfortunately...
9th Feb 2012 Ian and friends from the megayacht "Lady Britt" went out this morning and asked for something edible to catch bigger than 15lb (his best carp!). We acheived that with a 25 lb dorado. We also missed 5 tricky sailfish strikes however so we could have had an even better result...must try harder.
6th Feb 2012 Tony & Bob went out with a billfish in mind today. First off Bob got a scrappy 26lb dorado which fought all the way to the boat. Tony's turn - after a long wait I hooked up a white marlin which Tony got to the boat in short order to be tagged and released. Another 2 billfish strikes on the way back went unhooked..
5th Feb 2012 Evangelos and SGU buddies ventured offshore this morning but turned back early due to mal de mer - fortunately we still managed to get a 22 lb dorado and lose another that shook the hook out.
3rd Feb 2012 Donna & Gerry Mikeska went fishing today and had a very specific objective - Donna wants to catch a white marlin...Not a very easy request since no one can select a white from a sail or a blue other than by chance! Anyway - guess what the first fish we caught was - a white of course, and so was the 2nd and we even lost another one! At this point I told Donna she could scratch that off her bucket list and what did she want next? A mahi for dinner was the reply - her wish was my command as we proceeded to catch 4 of these and lost a couple more! The Mikeska's are welcome back anytime as they can obviously summon the fish!!

26th - 29th Jan 2012

We fished the 43rd Budget Marine Spice Island Billfish tournament with a team comprising of Dr. Glen Jacobs SGU), Joe Van Tonder, Patrick McFadden (SGU student) and Bobby Hammond (flew in specially from Florida).

Day 1 saw Bobby get off to a good start with 2 sailfish releases and late in the day Glen got a white marlin release which put us in first place (from 50 boats!).

Day 2 saw rough seas which made fishing tricky - the Trinidad boat "Abracadabra" got a Grand Slam plus an extra sailfish for good measure to overtake us even though Bobby released another sailfish. The final day was slow for us but late in the day again Joe Van Tonder got a sailfish release which put us in 4th place overall. We were also top Grenadian boat and Bobby was 3rd place angler overall.

15th Jan 2012 Short notice 4 hour trip with New York anglers - left at 11am with no crewman. 90 minutes later missed a sailfish strike then entered birds feeding around porpoise (in a 30kt rain squall with 6-8ft seas!) - got a hook up after a missed strike - 2.5 hours later gaffed & boated a 155 lb yellowfin tuna! At this point we are overtime and 11 miles out so just head for port and only put 2 lines out - 20 minutes later a blue marlin took 4 attempts to get hooked! Had it on the leader twice but it went deep again (probably foulhooked) - the hook pulled as we got it up for 3rd time - as we had all the line in twice claimed the release - blue marlin about 130 lb. Back to dock at 6pm - 3 hours late!
10th Jan 2012

Wendy, Ross (SGU) & Wendy's Dad ventured offshore today - conditions were choppy. First 2 strikes were just knockdowns from sailfish - no chance of hooking them. Then I saw a rusty 55 gallon barrel floating about 14 miles offshore - went past it - nothing - 100 yds later a dorado hit 2 lines without getting hooked. Turned around and repeated the pass - a wahoo ate the left rigger bait - as it was coming to the boat I notice more movement in the water - a small blue marlin was ahead of the hooked wahoo and another wahoo was looking closely at the swivel on the leader! Luckily the 2nd wahoo did not strike the swivel and we boated 1 wahoo.Round by the barrel again - a dorado got caught. Back to the barrel again - another wahoo. Two more passes on the barrel - nothing -we emptied it apparently!. At 17 miles we got an energetic sailfish which jumped all over the place before being tagged and then releasing itself (wahoo damaged leader!).

2 barracudas on the way back up completed the trip..

5th Jan 2012 Stuart & Joe Dawson & Jeremy went out fishing again 9am this morning and at 11am we missed 2 sailfish strikes. At 11.10 we made up for it with a double header - first sailfish released for Jeremy and 2nd for Joe - both in the 40 - 45 lb range. At 11.34 we got number 3 sailfish for Jeremy 50 lb - another one came up at same time but was not hooked so now we were 3 for 6. Almost an hour later we got number four - Joe's 2nd was on the shotgun lure (all the others were on ballyhoo). Things went quiet after this until about 2 pm when we had another sailfish strike which was not hooked 4 for 8. At this point we had equalled our previous best of 4 sailfish in a day and were desperate for one more to break that record!. We came southeast to the southern corner of the 6000ft contour 11 miles offshore and had a sail strike - not hooked as I turned around it came back to the shotgun lure and was hooked at 2nd attempt - this time Stuart did the business and we released number 5 around 60 lb 5 for 9 - great day!!
3rd Jan 2012

Stuart & Joe Dawson & Jeremy went fishing this morning and after a slow start 2 sailfish came into the baits - one was hooked the other not. We tagged the 50 lb sailfish and relased it for Stuart. A short while later another sailfish hit but again was not hooked. Barracuda filled in the rest of the time - we caught 5 of them - most were released though.



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