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8th December 2015

Joanna McAuliffe guest at Sandals La Source released a 50 lb sailfish this morning - another strike was missed - calm seas and tuna jumping but not biting today!

7th December 2015

Tony Lawson raced across the Atlantic in 5 days on his amazing trimaran " Ms. Barbados" - his crew rewarded him with a fishing trip which saw him and Capt Tom Smedley release a sailfish each!

5th December 2015

Major Neil Cross sailed across the atlantic to go fishing in Grenada (!) and was well rewarded with his 94 lb yellowfin tuna plus another of 129 lb

1st December 2015

Steve Fallows had a great trip today catching a brace of small dorado followed by this 50 lb sailfish release and finally a 30 minute fight with an 111lb yellowfin tuna!

19th November 2015

John McLoughlin came back again and nailed another sailfish this morning - one of a double header in fact 2 miles outside the harbour at the end of the trip!

28th October 2015

Tara Davis staying at Sandals La Source caught this 50lb sailfish this morning

18th October 2015

SGU students Morgan, David & Jared had pretty good luck this morning, David released a 50 lb sailfish around some porpoise where we could see yellowfin tuna jumping..
Eventually we enticed one to strike and Jared (right) got it to the boat in about 30 minutes on 50 lb test.

15th October 2015

Greg Stringer beat this 95lb yellowfin tuna in 25 minutes on 50 lb test today. He & wife Mandy are on honeymoon at Sandals La Source

30th September 2015

Sam Meador (guest at Sandals La Source) caught this 90lb yellowfin tuna this afternoon - they also caught dorado and lost 2 sailfish from 6 bites  

29th September 2015

A mixed catch today with wahoo, barracudas, dorado, rainbow runners

24th September 2015

Dave Wipperfurth enjoyed some off season action today catching 14 dorado - seas were calm

23rd July 2015

Ben Winters honeymooning at Sandals la Source caught a 60 lb sailfish this morning - and we lost another one earlier in the trip after a few minutes fight

21st July 2015

Nathan Blasingame guest at Sandals La Source caught this 50 lb sailfish this morning - one bite one fish caught

18th July 2015

Mark Young caught a 55 lb sailfish this morning - tagged & released - Mark & friends are going on a windjammer cruise on the Mandalay tomorrow
Cheryl Talbert got in on the action with a 50 lb sailfish release too - we were 2 for 2 on them today amd also saw yellowfin tuna with porpoise but no bites from them

15th July 2015

Tim Hight witha mixed bag of dorado small wahoo and barracudas - we also saw large yellowfin tuna and had 1 bite but it was not hooked

1st July 2015 Sara Woolf on honeymoon at Sandals La Source caught this 33lb wahoo this morning in 10 minutes on 30 lb test

18th June 2015

Kayla Goodman Staying at Sandals La Source caught this 106 lb yellowfin tuna in about 20 minutes on 50 lb test this morning

15th June 2015

Keith Hopkins guest at Sandals la Source got this 112 lb tuna after 30 minutes on 80 lb test - his first big fish ever..

14th June 2015 Dan LaForce caught this 88 lb yellowfin tuna in 20 minutes on 50 lb test this morning - we had at least 3 other bites but none of them got hold of the bait or lures properly.

9th June 2015

Anthony Sanschagrin (guest at Sandals) caught this 90 lb yellowfin tuna in 25 minuters on 80lb test thsi afternoon - we saw lots of them jumping with porpoise and finally managed to snag this one
7th June 2015 Sandals clients again this morning - this time a wedding group (groom to be on the right) - half day trip - found birds with porpoise 8 miles out - hooked the tuna on the right at 12 miles - 30 minutes on 80lb test - coming back up hooked the tuna on the left at 9 miles - took over an hour on 50 lb test - both fish in the 150 - 160 lb range!

5th June 2015 Alejandro Bollinger fought this 158 lb yellowfin tuna for a while this morning then let Joe Bushman (r) take over - 25 minutes on 80 lb test altogether - in all 6 Sandals guests were onboard for the half day trip

25th May 2015 Chris Evans staying at Sandals La Source got this 123 lb yellowfin tuna after an hour and twenty minutes fight on 50 lb test this afternoon...
23rd May 2015 Sailfish tag & release for Lauren Anzalone staying at Spice Island Beach Resort - 3 others were missed.

15th May 2015

Peter (staff at Sandals La Source) accompanied guests this morning and got to wind in this 50 lb sailfish which we tagged & released

12th May 2015 Mark & Michael Robertson went out for a half day - within 5 minutes of setting lines a blue marlin ate the shotgun ballyhoo - we had the fish on the leader twice after 15 minutes but had to dump it when it shot off again - not a big fish but very feisty (!) - 3rd time on the leader (at high speed reverse) the fish shot forward and we had to dump again but this time the 50lb main line touched the outrigger halyard and broke so not tag or photo but still a good release that Mark certainly deserved after doing a lot of cranking!!
10th May 2015 Michael Sovar caught this 55 lb sailfish this afternon - the only bite we had despite fishing loads of porpoise with birds. All guests were from Sandals La Source

7th May 2015

Sandals guests this morning - we found loads of seaweed and later loads of porpoise with birds but no tuna stikes were forthcoming but on the way back thru the weed we got a couple of dorado (aka mahi mahi or dolphin fish) - a 30 lb bull and a 13lb cow - fresh fish dinner coming up...

6th May 2015 Josh Ramos guest at Sandals La Source caught this 150 lb yellowfin tuna today in 40 minutes on 50 lb test during a half day trip with outher Sandals guests

5th May 2015

Paul Capuzulla & Joe Hoyles guests at Sandals LaSource Grenada went out today... Paul beat a yellowfin tuna in 35 minutes on 50 lb test - unfortunately the hook pulled whilst the fish was on the leader so no sashimi! The fish was well over 100 lb...

4th May 2015 Jake & Paige Acker decided to honeymoon in Grenada and being keen fishers went out for the day with us. After a slow start 2 sails came up and we released one for Jake
Paige was not to be outdone however and half an hour later we released a nice sailfish for her too!

Coming back up from there the left rigger went down in a might take and Jake had a 2 hour plus fight with this 170 lb yellowfin tuna on 50 lb test - a 20lb mile chug back to port arriving a wee bit late but Memories were made right there that will last a lifetime...

26th April 2015 English Cricket fans/agents on the boat today - Martin Beesley was the lucky one catching a 60lb sailfish tagged & released of course
Oh and yeah England beat the Windies!
24th April 2015 Today was a difficult fishing day but Jennifer Knight still managed to tag & release this 60 lb sailfish

19th April 2015

Jessica Holland (centre left) group of SGU affiliates endured a pretty slow bite today but were amply rewarded when Alan (left) caught this 119 lb yellowfin tuna after just over an hours fight on 50 lb test - sashimi anyone? they got plenty

14th April 2015 John Deering guest at Sandals La Source released this 60 lb sailfish this morning and we missed another one a bit later on..

9th April 2015

Todd Allred's final trip with us this year was a blast - starting with this 158 lb yellowfin tuna that he beat in 25 minutes on 80lb test - next up was a 60 lb sailfish release and finally we were unlucky to pull the hook on a blue marlin.... not a bad Grand Finale for Todd! See ya next year....

7th April 2015 Chris Pate released a 60 lb sailfish today, his son Zach was unlucky to pull the hook on a 40 lb dorado just feet from the boat....

31st March 2015 Sailfish release for Tim Hoskin today est 40 lb - he also caught 2 x 12lb dorado and took one back to Le Phare Bleu for dinner

30th March 2015 Todd Allred released a blue marlin this morning - estimate 200 lb

27th March 2015 Slow bite this morning despite seeing yellowfin jumping amongst porpoise - coming back up from there we tagged this 60lb sailfish for long time customer Todd Allred

25th March 2015

Dr Glen Jacobs (r) and son Keagan's friend Ben with their dorado this morning - another one was lost... Ben's first offshore fish ever..

20th March 2015 SGU Vet student, Lyndsey, whipped this 108 lb yellowfin tuna in only 15 minutes on 50 lb test this morning - way to go girl..
19th March 2015 Simon wanted a blue marlin today and we tried hard but a 98 lb yellowfin tuna was certainly a big game fish to put a smile on his face anyway!

17th March 2015 Hudson Wildberger released a 50 lb sailfish today, his brother Zach lost another and Thomas Barile (guest at Sandals La Source) released another - we had 5 bites in total from them..

16th March 2015

Scott Cantor went out with friends & family this morning and bagged this trophy bull dorado of 41 lbs !! They also caught 2 other smaller mahi and saw loads of porpoises...

15th March 2015 Corey Necoise released this 45lb sailfish today, AJ Pearson caught a 15lb mahi (one was lost too) and Alex caught a feisty 70 lb sailfish which released itself after colliding with the boat at high speed on the leader (supposedly caught on their gopro - looking forward to seeing that!!)
12th March2015 Amy Allen caught her first offshore fish today - a 20 lb dorado (aka mahi mahi aka dolphin fish). Amy is on honeymoon at Sandals La Source
11th March2015 Tom got this estinated 80 lb white marlin release today in choppy conditions... plenty of yellowfin tuna seen as well but feeding in small shoals and very mobile so hard to get a bait in amongst them..

9th March 2015 David Marx returned to fish with us after an 8 year gap! Well his luck was mixed losing a BIG yellowfin tuna after 3 hours on 50lb then releasing our first white marlin of 2015 at 40lb
7th March 2015 Finally some dorado showed up! 4 nice 25lb fish Saturday March 7th
6th March 2015 Trevor Martindale released this sailfish this morning - we had several other sailfish bites plus saw many yellowfin tuna but never got a bite from them
4th March 2015

Donna (guest at Sandals La Source) released this 50 lb sailfish this morning after a spectacular jumping fight, we missed another one too

3rd March 2015 Andy Windmill used his last days fishing with us in 2015 to whip this 150+ yellowfin tuna in 55 minutes on 80lb test. We saw several more but their scattered feeding pattern made it very hard to present a bait to them..
28th February 2015 James Piper's group of SGU med students + parents this morning bagged 4 wahoo of 20, 28, 36 & 52 lb - excellent sport ! And they also had a brief hook up on a blue marlin to boot...
26th February 2015 Kevin from the Gunlocke group at Sandals caught a 20lb wahoo this morning
25th February 2015 Robert Harper was the lucky one amongst Sandals La Source guests this morning - he bought in this 35 lb wahoo, another one was lost and several barracudas were also boated
24th February 2015 Andy Windmill celebrated his birthday in style with this 149 lb yellowfin tuna which took 3 hours on 50 lb test
17th February 2015

Andy Windmill made his annual pilgramage to Grenada once again and finally caught his target fish - a blue marlin! OK it was a small one about 60 lb but it still gave a pretty good fight! A few hours later Andy was unlucky to pull the hook one another one which might have been in the 400 lb class.....

16th February 2015 Donna Allen (guest at Sandals LaSource Grenada ) had a great fight with this feisty sailfish which might have weighed 70lb this morning - tagged & released of course
14th February 2015 Ted Kaczmarski released a 50 lb sailfish this morning, Ted's buddy Vann Walke released a sailfish in the early afternoon - we also missed a blue marlin bite that would have been Kevin Ellion's fish .... he wasnt feeling to well though so we called it an early (but successful) day - 2 for 2 on sails 0 for 1 on blues
7th February 2015 Crew from "Sea Rhapsody" yacht went fishing today - they caught a 30lb+ dorado that didnt enter the boat (!*$$!) and released a 55lb sailfish
5th February 2015 2 half days again today - in the morning Donald Leask tagged his 2nd sailfish with us and in the afternoon guests from sandals La Source caught 3 wahoo and numerous other fish
2nd February 2015 Ronald caught his first ever wahoo with us today - a cracking 48 lb fish
27th January 2015

2 half day trips today - in the morning James Bunuett fishing with Edward Prentice caught an80 lb blue marlin - in the afternoon we went to the sae place and caught a 150 lb marlin for John L Couper

22nd January 2015 Day 2 BMSIBT 2015 & Ben Villalobos released a sailfish to score 300 points - we everntually got 4th place in the boat pool with an 18lb dorado caught by Andrew Welham
15th January 2015 SGU student James Pearson & friends went out today and got lucky with this 125 lb yellowfin tuna
12th January 2015 Aric Eckhardt released alively 60lb sailfish this morning - heavy rain meant no picture...
10th January 2015 Martyn Berry had a tough time today - fighting yellowfin tuna of 118 lb and 140 lb!! a nice kind of tired..
7th January 2015 Martyn Berry returned to Grenada and caught an 18 lb dorado plus a 40lb sailfish today
5th January 2015 Mssrs Springer & Byrd - guests at Sandals La Source caught these nice mahi today
2nd January 2015 Mike Aguiar caught a 40 lb sailfish today - no picture as it escaped next to the boat beofre the camera could get the shot - another sailfish bite was missed
1st January 2015 Cory Tolbert Yilmaz was the lucky one today catching our first billfish of 2015 - a 200 lb blue marlin that took him 35 minutes on 80 lb (we did have the leader at 15 minutes but had to dump it when the fish when off again..). Cory and his family were visiting Grenada on the Jewel of the Seas cruise ship.


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