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28th December 2010

David Nosbusch had motion sickness but still managed to wind in this 260lb estimated blue marlin which we tagged and released today. We also raised a white marlin but it was not hooked up.The Nosbusch family were visiting Grenada onboard Celebrity Millenium.

Seas were choppy 3-5ft and 6-8ft further out. Blue water inshore and outside the 6000ft contour - green water inbetween.

Last 3 trips = 3 blue marlin tagged and released - long may that continue !!

28th December 2010

Ross Peterson (SGU) and family today - first up a nice 18lb dorado plus a missed strike then a good fight from a 175lb blue marlin which we tagged and released for Layton Kirsch.

Seas were blue but quite choppy...

27th December 2010 Mike Wakeford went out today and was lucky enough to hook up two blue marlin - the first hit before we had all lines in the water - it ran off jumped and spat the hook _ 300lb+ after that we jumped off 2 dorado and caught a jack, In the last hour we hooked up another blue marlin - this time no mistake and we tagged and released it est 120lb. Mike's stepson Edward had fished with us 10 years ago (blimey we have been around the block,,,) and had caught a big yellowfin tuna.....
22nd December 2010 Hilary & Scott Berens and family had a slow start at first but when we got to the right spot the action was fast and furious! In total we had 10 wahoo strikes of which 8 hooked up but only 3 made it into the boat - at one point all 5 lines went at the same time...of course the biggest 2 came off and the ones we caught were between 16 and 19lb. Good fun with some barracudas and small tunas as back up.
14th December 2010

Matt Davies and family went out this morning and were quite quickly rewarded with a double header of sailfish - OK they were the smallest sailfish we ever caught (12 & 20 lb approx) but they all count ! After that we raised another 2 but they were more picky and neither was hooked. A small skipjack tuna and a barracuda completed the mornings catch.

11th December 2010 Monica Choi and friends from SGU saw 3 sperm whales and hundreds of dophins today - there were some yellowfin tuna around but not biting. We did have some tentative sailfish strikes but no luck so went to the shallows and caught a false albacore. Things were very quiet right up to the last minute when suddenly 3 lines ran out - 1 fish came off but we caught the other 2 wahoo of 18 and 16lb. Great ending to a really nice day on the water.
5th December 2010 Marc Sfakianakis went for a half day today and asked to avoid rough seas - which we did but we also avoided the fish until right at the end of the trip when we caught this 12ln king mackerel and followed that with a skipjack tuna - dinner was served after all!
12th November 2010 Russell Smart caught this fine 28lb wahoo in literally the last seconds of his half day trip today! We had caught a few barracudas and small tunas but this was definitely a case of saving the best to last!
11th November 2010 Raul Relf and 2 sons went out this morning - after a slow start offshore we came to the edge and immediately had a nice 15lb barracuda and a rainbow runner, 2 false albacore followed but the star of the show was a 20lb wahoo for Paul (one of 2 strikes we had from them).
4th November 2010 Mark & Vytal did a half day where we went out 15 miles looking for billfish - hooked a small sailfish that refused to swim away from us and eventually spat the hook back at us - then trolled the edge for an hour and had 3 wahoo strikes at same time - boated two...some debris and dirty water in places - probably result of hurrricane Tomas destructive passage over St Vincent...
29th October 2010 Med Student Matt went out with his parents this morning and they were lucky enough to get a nice wahoo (22lb but looked bigger!). They also gat a blackfin tuna and had a sailfish strike with no hook up...
26th October 2010 Repeat customer Dr Paul Haycock wanted to try for a marlin this morning and was rewarded with this 60lb white marlin which we tagged and released. This is our first billfish of the winter season - the seas were noticeably more blue today and hopefully this heralds the start of the main billfish season.
29th August 2010 SGU vet students this morning including old hands Rick, Preston, Ryan etc. Very calm conditions not that favourable for fishing but we still managed a 24lb wahoo, 2 small dorado, 2 blackfins, 2 false alabacore and a rainbow runner.
25th August 2010 Melissa & Dave plus Dawn & Kai did a half day trip today - slow start warmed up further out with some barracuda and blackfin tuna action but highlight was Dawn's fight with this 31lb wahoo on 30lb test. Our first wahoo for quite a while so appreciated all round!
8th August 2010

Post exam SGU students blowing off steam this morning - amply rewarded with a 17lb dorado and 10lb cero mackerel plus several blackfin tunas.

Recent trips have been mostly after smaller fish although we did lose a blue marlin which ate a tiny lure meant for backfin tuna.

18th May 2010

Kyle and Amy (with SGU friends) endured a pretty wet fishing day today. We went offshore at first and although we had 2 sailfish strikes neither hooked up. We then came south to reindeer shoal and fished this back to Grenada. The big wahoo took a deep trolled ballyhoo and gave Kyle a good 10 minute fight before coming aboard. At first look I thought that this fish might beat our boat record of 61lb but its stomach was empty and it weighed 60lb exactly back on the dock - still an excellent fish and a just reward for enduring the rain (and mal de mer!).

16th May 2010 Roy Bowman and son Phillip who is getting married in Grenada this week took a fishing trip today with friends and had an exciting trip. First off we hooked a big tuna that ran off 400yds of line before spitting the hook, then several hours fishing around porpoise before another strike - this time Phillip got the tuna to the boat in about half an hour - 130lb - nice. Coming back up towards the island we missed a dorado strike, caught a barracuda and then had 2 hook ups on dorado - one came off but Phillips Dad Roy caught the other - 17lbs. Apparently the wedding feast will include fresh BBQ tuna !!
14th May 2010 Malcom Bacon celebrated his 60th birthday by tagging and releasing this 60lb sailfish today! This was the first rainy day we have experienced for a long time (Grenada has had a drought starting end last year). This afternoon we nearly repeated this morninf for Voler Stevin & Zublin personell but the fish managed to spit the hook...
13th May 2010 Previous customers Antonio and Adrian were joined by newcomers Richard and Debrielle this morning. Slow start with no strikes at the half way point but then birds led us to the first double header of dorado. Working back in from there another set of dorado were encountered and another double header hooked up - this time including a 24lb fish for Antonio. Good fun and good eating!
7th May 2010

Peggy and Todd Allred tried their luck again today and came up trumps with 2 dorado (double header) of 22 and 28 lbs. After that we saw yellowfin tunas jumping but had no strikes from them. Later we did hook a billfish briefly but the hook pulled out after the fish had run 50 yds.


Last trip out saw several tricky sailfish strikes and one marlin hooked and then lost........

30th April 2010 Peggy and Todd Allred told me they were lucky at fishing and proved it today - firstly with a double header of dorado (20 & 25lb) and followed it up with our biggest yellowfin so far this year - 149 lb.
24th April 2010 Ryan McKenna organised a group of vet students from SGU today and was rewarded with the largest fish for himself - a 50lb sailfish release! However this was just icing on the cake because we had already boated 19 blackfin tuna a false albacore and 3 barracudas (more were released) so planty of illets for the barbeque!
17th April 2010 Virgin Airways flight/cabin crew (stuck in Grenada because of the Icelandic volcano situation) took advantage of their free time and managed to catch this 27lb wahoo as well as blackfin tuna and barracuda today. They ate the fish that evening at the Victory Bar & Grill, Port Louis Marina.
14th April 2010 Had an exciting half day trip this morning with people from Caribbean Princess cruise ship - started out by watching whales blowing and then got close to a pod of pilot whales. After that worked an area around a tide line and got rewarded with this double header of dorado. Working back in to shore we again followed the signs and hooked up in the last minutes of the trip on a 300lb blue marlin. This fish jumped once and then screamed off and after backing up proved too slow we spun around and chased it forwards to get tjhe fish to stop its run with very little line left on the spool. Lots of reeling in followed as we again backed up hard for 2 miles before getting the fish close to the boat. With the leader literally inches from the mates hand we tried to force the fish within tagging range (thier cruise ship was departing after lunch so we had no time to play with!) and popped the swivel knot with the fish clearly in sight - almost but not quite a release....
13th April 2010 Took friends Joe and Kim out today - got lucky with a very pretty long bill spearfish which we tagged and released for Joe - our first positively identified catch of one! After that saw plenty of yellowfins feeding but could not get a bite from them and had a couple of sailfish knockdowns.
8th April 2010 Short trip today due to "mal de mer" but still within 2 hours we caught 8 fish including this 15lb dorado for young Max plus we lost another dorado at the boat....
7th April 2010

13 year old Louis Gerard went to town on the barracuda, blackfin tuna, little tunny and king mackerel today - catching 13 in all!

Recent trips offshore have seen quite a few sailfish - we hooked up 2 - one jumped off after 3 jumps and the other after at least 5 ! We also had a marlin strike that did not hook up. Seas are blue again

26th March 2010 Full day for Larry Hawkins today - followed birds to 14 miles - porpoises - no tunas evident, followed more birds to 20 miles - dorado - had 3 strikes in all hooked 2 - 1 came off quickly the other boated at 17lb. After that found some bluer water (most areas green of late) and saw birds on tuna but no strikes and no fish sighted to know what type was there.
18th March 2010 Slow fishing this morning only seeing spinner dolphins until we spotted some birds and caught these 2 dorado to 15lb for Bob & Bonnie Lorash. Yesterday we had a brief hook up on a sailfish but it spat the hook.
12th March 2010 We lost a nice dorado early this morning but followed up with a 250lb blue marlin release boatside for David (no tag placed as hook point broke off releasing the fish while we held the leader), this afternoon newly weds Sam and Rachel Hudson both scored tag & releases on 50lb sailfish - not a bad days fishing
10th March 2010

Mark Wilkins achieved an ambition today - he caught a 140lb blue marlin on his first try at big game fishing! Not only that his son was unlucky to lose a bigger marlin about 2 hours later when the fish spat the hook after taking 400 yds on its first acrobatic run...

We finished off with some smaller fish - blackfin tuna and false albacore for dinner.

7th March 2010

Barry Hawkins last day today - could have been great - ended up just being good - started with a sail tag & release around 10am, then followed birds down to 2 miles - turned N and raised another sail - missed. Came NE and found birds on small tunas - whilst trying to approach them a large tuna knocked down the right rigger and then camer back and ate it - after 2 minutes the 50lb line popped with too much drag applied,,,resset the limes and approached the birds again - this time a large dorado ate the left rigger - was coming to the boat nicely when it did jump number 5 and spat the hook back at us...

Coming back up we tagged ad released another sailfish to save the day.

6th March 2010 SGU students today - this morning we saw large yellowfins jumping and were getting close to them when porpoise moved in with them and they all headed west at high speed! We did have a billfish strike around there but no hook up. This afternoon was better with a fine 32lb dorado coming to the boat early on but no other strikes were forthcoming after that.
5th March 2010 Vince DeBari made his annual visit to grenada pretty special today with a very large white marlin (we thought it was a small blue at the time but the pictures show otherwise) followed by a 2 hour fight on 50 test with a 147lb yellowfin that did not want to give up! That fish was still trying to kill us when it came in the boat. On the way back up we hooked another white but pulled the hook when it was just yards from the boat.
1st March 2010 Barry Hawkins went out again today and within 90 minutes we were hooked up on an acrobatic small blue marlin - we tagged it in about 10 minutes but that was the start of the fight ! The fish went crazy and came to the boat again about 5 times before we were able to release it half an hour later! We then followed birds out to 20 miles hoping to find yellowfins that we had encounterer the day before - apart from a couple of small dorado strikes - no luck but coming back up we found sailfish and tunas feeding. They ignored all our baits so eventually I put out a small lure designed more for wahoo or skipjacks - it was inhaled by a 112lb yellowfin within minutes - this fish also fought well taking about half an hour to boat,
27th Feb 2010 Started out with local kids today - a chance for us to give a little back to the community - hope they enjoyed catching 9 fish including little tunny, barracudas and a nice 20lb wahoo. This afternoon we ventured offshore again and found the right place! Stacks of bait on the sonar, birds diving and fish busting! First released a fine athletic 50lb sailfish for Sarah Worley of SGU - turns out she took the next strike as well....an hour and a half later we boated a 142 lb yellowfin tuna for her !!! Planty of tuna steaks went back to True Blue Campus tonight.....
26th Feb 2010 Barry Hawkins released this 50lb white marlin after only an hours trolling today - 2 hours later we raised another which did not get hooked. After that we saw 5 sperm whales but no more fish....
19th Feb 2010 Andy Windmill managed to get a nice dorado of 27 lb from an area which had sailfish and also a sei whale although we never saw any tuna around it....
17th Feb 2010 Celebrity cruise ship passengers C.D.Wirth caught a 40lb sailfish today - the only other action we saw was a small school of big yellowfin tunas 2 of which jumped out in front of the boat (150lb +) - however they only stayed up for a very short time and we never got a strike from them...
15th Feb 2010 This morning saw two sailfish raised one hooked up for a nice tag and release for Vidal Yann and a lost dorado by the boat...this afternoon we boated 2 nice dorado of 32 and 27 lbs which were hooked at the same time.
14th Feb 2010 Andy Windmill returned to Grenada again and tagged this 45lb sailfish on a day when there were lots of sails around but for the most part not biting. We also had 1 dorado strike which did not hook up. Encouraging to see so many sails around.
5th Feb 2010 The luck of the Irish still going strong !! This time Conor Holmes was in the lucky seat when this extimated 350 lb blue screamed off on a 50lb outfit nearly spooling us at one stage. 30 minutes later the tired fish came to the boat and was tagged, revived and released. Not bad seeing we did not leave the dock until after 2 pm !
2nd Feb 2010 Team Ireland went to town today - first up was Simon with a spectacular strike and hook up on a 180lb blue marlin on the left rigger - this fish was boatside and released in 15 minutes on 50lb test. Next was Rob with a cracking 45lb dorado which gave a good fight on 50 - surprisingly no other shoal members followed this bull to the boat although they were certainly in the area, Last up was Alex who was in the chair on a 50lb sailfish which headed for the hrorizon as if it thought it was a blue marlin! This fish was one of two raised simultaneously but the other did not quite get hooked. Great days sport.
31st Jan 2010

Peter Cody's turn to shine - he started well with a hook up on a lively 50lb blue marlin which came to the boat glowing with blue stripes and swam off very healthy carrying a new tag. Later on in the same area a 33lb dorado ate the right rigger bait and Peter got the hook up - this fish featured on the menu at Aquarium later that night and was enjoyed by all !

Conditions were much easier than yesterday.

30th Jan 2010 Brian's lucky run continued today when he tagged this fiesty 70lb white marlin on a windy rough day where we only raised 2 billfish..
27th Jan 2010 Sydney and John fished the layday of the tournament and we managed to release a 45lb white marlin for Sydney - his first ever marlin after a lot of fishing. John was less fortunate as we had one other strike (probably also a white) but it was not hooked up - thats fishing......
26th Jan 2010 Day 1 of SIBT 2010 was slow for Team Ireland - only one good billfish strike which was missed. Day 2 was a little better with a fine 47 lb boat record dorado for Brian and a missed blue marlin strike. Lets hope day 3 is the magic number !!
23rd Jan 2010 Practice day for Team Ireland (Brian, Rob, Peter and Alex) started extremely well with a release on a 200 lb blue for Brian. Peter also hooked up on a sailfish later but it came off - hope they get lucky in the Spice Island bIllfish tournamnet which starts Monday!
21st Jan 2010 Jack Vance was itching to catch a marlin on a new lure he had trolled behind a sailboat from St Lucia to Grenada. During the sail the lure had raised 2 marlin which he did not catch. 5.5 hours into a 6 hour trip it did the job again this time the 350+ lb blue was hooked and ran a lot of line off an 80 outfit before coming to the boat in 30 minutes for a tag and release. Jack kindly gave us one of the lures to use in next weeks Spice Island Billfish Tournament so we are hoping it proves to be a lucky omen!
9th Jan 2010
Repeat local customers Danny and Andrew allowed first timer Lerone to have a 2 hour battle on 50lb test with this 140lb yellowfin tuna today! Lerone was very tired but determined to see it through. Darnel and Curlan watched and Marie was cheerleader! We had followed birds for 4 miles to get 3 simultaneous tuna strikes only this one hooked up....probably just as well....everyone went home with a lot of tuna steak that night and the captain enjoyed some fabulous sushi later that evening...
7th Jan 2010 Chuck and Sally Morn went out today from Celebrity Millenium cruise ship and managed to tag and release a nice white marlin about 45lb. We missed several other lightning fast strikes from these pocket rockets! Sally wound in a barracuda as well.

6th Jan 2010 This 38lb wahoo was a comiseration prize since we lost a blue marlin after about 5 minutes ealier in the half day trip and we also missed 4 sailfish which were playing with the baits....

1st Jan 2010

Mark Bedini caught and we released our first Billfish of 2010 - a 50lb sailfish which put on a very good show. We missed another one beofre that and saw porpoises and 3 sperm whales. A good start to the new year !!


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