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29th December 2013 Chris Julich tagged & released this 50lb sailfish this afternoon our last billfish for 2013.
27th December 2013 David Landers and his 3 sons staying at the new Sandals La Source resort went fishing this morning and released a sailfish for Andrew on 30lb test. 3 other sailfish were not hooked. Apologies for lack of decent photo..
17th December 2013 John Christian and his wife travelling on the WindStar cruise ship spent the morning fishing and were well rewarded with a 60lb sailfish tag & release followed by a 45 minute fight with a 112 lb yellowfin tuna! Some sashimi grade fish went back to the ship to be enjoyed that evening.
16th December 2013 Erik Lagerberg caught this 103 lb yellowfin tuna this afternoon in 20 minutes on 50lb test. We had earlier had a nce sailfish hooked up for a while before it came off and also caught a small mahi mahi..
14th December 2013 SGU student Chris Wu & friends went out this morning before heading home for Christmas break. Conditions were rough with 25kt winds and 6-8ft seas but Chris was rewarded with this 80 lb yellowfin tuna which came to the boat in about 5 minutes or so on 80lb test.
21st November 2013 Annie Dundas & Jessie Dove caught this 50lb sailfish this morning which we released to fight again another day. We had another one hit the bait later on but it did not hook up..
14th November 2013 Edward Prentice caught this 26lb wahoo this morning as well as 3 blackfin tuna and 2 rainbow runners..
30th October 2013 Vincent Viola caught this estimated 300lb blue marlin today in 20 minutes on 80lb test tagged & released, after that we had a sailfish pull down one of the outrigger baits but not get hooked. In the last 15 minutes of the 5 hour trip we hooked another blue marlin on the short left lure which ran at least 300 yds of line out before spittng the hook, Overall very good action on a rainy overcast day..
10th October 2013 Chester & Allison Rollins did a half day this morning under overcast conditions. We fished porpoise with birds but no signs of yellowfin tuna around them, coming back up we had a sailfish hit 2 lines without getting hooked and then half an hour later a white marlin climbed all over the daisy chain teaser and then switched to the circle hook ballyhoo bait. Chester got this fish in easily on 50 lb gear and we tagged & released it est 45 lb.
10th October 2013

Andy Rankine had a dream come true this morning - although only on a half day trip we still ventured offshore to try and catch a billfish. At first no action, no birds or signs of life. We told Andy that on days like that we just troll the 6500ft contour and hope to be rudely interrupted! About half an hour later we were" A large marlin ate the left flat Fox Mad Max 14" lure. An hour and 5 minutes later on 80lb test we had it on the leader for tag & release est over 500lb!! see video here

9th October 2013

We had half of our 2013 BMSIBT team onboard today for an early winter season trip - first up Dr Glen Jacob's struggled with a very lively 200 lb blue marlin hooked only 5 miles offshore - 15 minutes later we got it to the boat for a very healthy tag & release.

Shortly thereafter we pulled up lines and motored after a big flock of birds on porpoise - we eventually caught up only for them to head west at high speed again. By good fortune there were a few sailfish in this area and one ate a circle hook rig on the shotgun - tagged for Joe Van Tonder 10 minutes later - another sail was missed shortly afterwards then the bite shut down. Still a good and early start to the winter season

17th September 2013 Joe Stokes organised today's trip as aprt of a church group visit to Grenada. Fishing was slow but near the end of the trip he was rewarded with this 31 lb wahoo which will be appearing on their menu tonight..
13th August 2013 Diaspora Grenadians down for Spicemas 2013 carnival made a morning trip today and got this 22 lb barracuda in a mixed bag of barras and blackfin tunas. Once the pretty mas done then they will be havin a big family cook up for sure..
13th June 2013 A last minute booking saw us fishing around loads of porposie in the afternoon - there must have been some yellowfin in there somewhere but they eluded our eyes and ignored our baits. Continuing farther out we saw some birds flying in the distinctive pattern that tells us there are dorado there...sure enough 2 came into the spread but only 1 hooked up which Ash bought to the boat - 35lb - nice fish. Plenty of fish dinners for the rest of their holiday..
25th May 2013 Todd Allred from Casper Wyoming caught this 55lb sailfish this morning - tagged & released. We then found porpoise with birds and saw some nice yellowfin tuna jumping but could elicit no bites from them. Oh well there is always next year..
23rd May 2013
Todd Allred saw 2 tricky sailfish bites in the morning followed by zero until the last half hour of the trip when we got this 21 lb wahoo and lost a considerably bigger one...
21st May 2013 Vet student Emma Thomason organised a fishing trip just before she left Grenada for the last time - it paid off with this 30 lb dorado plus we lost another one and had a missed wahoo strike. This fish was lunch served at victory bar shortly thereafter!
17th May 2013 Tom Duffy went offshore this morning - we saw birds on dorado - no strikes, went out further and saw birds in the distance - chased them at high trolling speed and eventually caught up - saw yellowfin tuna jump but then hooked up a nice dorado then another. Tom had never caught a dorado before so now he can cross that one off the list!
15th May 2013 Todd Allred caught a new personal best yellowfin tuna today - 178 lb! It took him 2 hours on 50 lb test to get it to the boat - one tough fish....
13th May 2013 Flatter family are down in Grenada from the UK staying at Coyaba Beach Resort for a wedding - 5 of them caught enough fish this morning to feed the other 25!
29th April 2013 Mark Godfrey caught this 136 lb yellowfin tuna in 30 minutes on 80 during a half day trip!. We saw plenty more yellowfin jumping in between porpoise but this was the only bite we managed to get after fishing the spot for 90 minutes..
17 - 21st April 2013 Ben Villalobos, Andrew Welham, Nicholas George and myself made the arduous 13 hour trip up to Barbados for their International Game Fishing Tournament. We ended up missing a few sailfish, catching a lot of wahoo and dorado and having a great time!
3rd April 2013 John Moore caught this 97 lb yellowfin tuna almost immediately when we caught up to some birds and porpoise 12 miles offshore. Fished the birds for some time after that but never got another tuna strike...and then everything headed West away from Grenada. Still not a bad result for a quick tour off Celebrity Summit cruise ship
31st March 2013 Jordan Schneider organised this trip, we saw birds working about 12 miles out - chased them at trolling speed fro a while but were obviously not going to catch up to them - so pulled up lines and ran full speed - when we got close slowed down put out lines and quickly had 2 strikes one of which hooked up. 20 minutes later Alex Bie (holding fish) gaffed this 136 lb yellowfin tuna for Jamie Sutherland (blue cap). Fished the birds for a long time after that but never got another tuna strike...
23rd March 2013 Glen & James Jacobs, Connor Bystrom, Katie Mattas and Kelliann Waldron went out today - loads of dolphins but scattered, only 1 yellowfin seen jumping and no strikes so went to the edge and hooked 2 good wahoo - first one shook the hook but the 2nd gave James Jacobs a good fight weighing 36lb back at the dock. A blackfin tuna nad barracuda rounded out the catch.
23rd March 2013 Micahel Smith's group fished around plemty of birds and porpoise at times we even saw yellowfin tunas jumping but the only strikes we got were from sailfish and we tagged this one est 50 lb.
18th March 2013 SGU student Scott Lutgens has always been dogged by bad luck when fishing with us before - we finally paid back his persistence with this 95lb yellowfin tuna today. it only took 10 minutes on 80 lb test.
16th March 2013 John VG tried his luck at big game fishing today - we saw loads of birds with porpoise and this time even saw a yellowfin jump amingst them but then the feeding shutdown abruptly. We did manage to get this 18 lb dorado though to give John a small taste of what it's all about..
15th March 2013 Cathy and Barry Woodbury from Australia visited grenada on Celebrity cruiseship - they fished amongst hundreds of porpoise but no signs of tuna - eventually we found brids on dorado and got 3 strikes but only one stayed on to the boat -a 21lb fish for Barry.
14th March 2013 Mark Gallichan and Phil Baker went offshore this morning - conditions were rough which suits dorado (mahi) well - we hooked 2 - one got off quickly but Mark got his 18 lb fish into the boat.

13th March 2013

Alex Bie and friends made a late start on a very choppy day today - we surfed down the waves following some birds- at 11 miles we caught up with them and got a double header of dorado (mahi) - 20 and 29 lb. After that it was a quiet and bumpy trip back up..
12th March 2013 Philip Andersen went out today and started well with a nice sailfish release est 50 lb amongts birds and porpoise. Later on we had a triple hook up with dorado - one came straight off, boated one and then the biggest one (of course..) pulled the hook right at the boat.
5th March 2013 Half day this morning - nothing but porpoise and whales offshore so came back up the edge and got this 23 lb wahoo for Mr Barratt plus a barracuda and blackfin tuna
1st March 2013 Vince DeBari made his annual visit to Grenada for the SGU conference and a days fishing of course! We saw yellowfin tuna with porpoise but they kept moving away - then we hooked a sailfish but the hook quickly came out. Later in the afternoon we finally did tag and release a 50 lb sailfish for Vince. End of day 1 for 6 on sailfish 0 for 1 on (small) dorado.
28th Feb 2013 Barry Hawkins got these 3 dorado today at 27, 30 and 34 lb - we also lost 3 more plus had 4 tuna strikes around sei whales that missed the bait!. Finally we raised a blue marlin that had a leisurely swipe at the rigger bait but never ate it. All the action far offshore right now..
27th Feb 2013 Andy Windmill had his work cut out today - we spotted birds on porpoise about 8 miles offshore - we ended up following them to 18 miles before we got a chance to get amongst them - the shotgun circle hook ballyhoo disappeared violently - 25 minutes later on 80 lb test we boated a 128 lb yellowfin tuna. After reseeting the lines in 8ft seas we spotted more birds nearby - this time they were just on tuna! We got 2 strikes and the circle hook on the left rigger bit - Andy got this 96 lb fish in about 15 minutes on 50 lb. Coming back up we raised some dorado but they were hook shy.. All in all good day out.
25th Feb 2013 Andy Windmill caught this 41 lb dorado today after hooking it himself on a circle hook rig, he later got a smaller one as well.
15th Feb 2013 Max Cyr joined a shared morning charter today and got the biggest fish - this cracking 46 lb wahoo. We also caught barracudas and blackfin tunas.
13th Feb 2013 Tom Thissen and his fiance staying At Spice Island Beach resort had no luck for the first 5 hours of their 6 hour trip today - then they hooked the tuna from hell! 3 hours 20 minutes later this 157 lb yellowfin tuna came to the gaff. Everyone on board has some bruises and pains after that fish!. In the world of big game fishing you sometimes have to be careful what you wish for out there...
12th Feb 2013 Harvey and friends did a trip today in choppy conditons - they were rewarded with these brace of dorado 21 & 22 lb.
10th Feb 2013 SGU students today - slow start with plenty of porpoise and birds but no fish. The third set of birds we chased down we saw 2 tuna jump - then the birds stopped working - we ended up spending over an hour in that area hoping something would happen - eventually and suddenly it did and a rod screamed off then another then the shotgun as well! I was seriosulyt concerned all 5 rods would go! It took about an hour for the first tuna to come to the boat - we had the leader in hand but it broke - the fish was about 100 lb and counted as a release, 2nd fish was gaffed a while later 110lb > The third fish meanwhile had almost emptied the reel! We had a lot of backing up to do and another hour before we boated it - a monster at 180 lb - our 4th biggest ever! Excellent sport.
8th Feb 2013 Went down the edge today and were rewarded with 2 wahoo of 28 & 34 lb for Vladimir Zorrin from Canada.
31st Jan 2013 Good action within 8 miles of shore today - several sets of birds - first yielded one missed strike - did not see what it was, 2nd set of birds we could see yellowfin tunas feeding right on the surface, one boiled on the shotgun - missed, same thing with left rigger, finally right rigger went down and fish was hooked - Niko Eren bought this one to the boat in about 8 minutes flat on 50 - estimated 80 lb yellowfin tuna - hook pulled out before we could gaff it though. Chased same birds again and then shotgun balyhoo on circle hook was inhaled - Isaac fought the fish hard for 1 hour before it came to gaff - 106 lb. On the way back we raised a sailfish on the teaser but it wouldn,t swicth to a bait - great fun.
27th Jan 2013

SGU students today - we had to follow birds and spinner dolphins out to 22 miles before finding a log which yeilded 2 dorado of 20 and 25 lbs. Followed even more dolphins back up towards Grenada and had 2 sailfish come up - Alex Bie hooked one which Josh Nadolny fought to the boat - approix 50 lbs tagged and released.

Plenty of fresh mahi steaks to go round at end of day..

26th Jan 2013 BMSIBT 2013 last day today - we finally scored some points ahving missed 4 sailfish prior - when Connor Bystrom got a white marlin - not to be outdone Johan Van Tonder got another white marlin about 30 minutes later in almost the same spot..
21st Jan 2013

Practice day for BMSIBT 2013 today - Joe Van tonder caught a 40 lb sailfish and we missed one other - otherwise we were perstered with hordes of offshore small bararcudas! Hopefully Joe's success is a good omen for us!


Tournament starts wednesday 23rd.

19th Jan 2013 SGU students today had a good time! First we found birds feeeding over porpoise 18 miles offshore - then we started seeing yellowfin tunas jumping whilst feeding - some very large one's chased bait almost up to the boat - eventually a change of rig got a strike which 15 minutes later was boated - 107 lb - good start. Had to chase the birds south for another 3 miles before a lure got bit - another 20 minutes later we got a 140 yellowfin into the boat! Coming back up from there we had 2 sailfish seemingly hooked up only to come off and several missed strikes from them - good day out!
3rd Jan 2013

First billfish of 2013 fell to Jan Marc Kiene - a 40 lb sailfish, before that we lost one and missed another plus we boated a 16 lb dorado



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