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Latest Catch Reports 2008

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Date: 31 December 2008

A slow half day finished strong with this 60lb sailfish for William De Winton which we tagged and released - nice to finish the year on a hignote.

Happy New Year and tight lines in 2009

Date: 24 December 2008

A lady came out on top again today when Janet caught this 105 lb yellowfin tuna (OK she had some help from her friends but she never let go the rod...)

Christmas dinner likely to be tuna this year in Mike's house (and could be on the new year menu too!)

Seas were big with a 6- 7ft ground swell offshore.

Date: 23 December 2008

Swedish swimmer Anika muscled in this fine 23lb bull dorado today whilst partner Reed only managed a 3lb one....

Consolation is they probably tasted the same back at the resort that night!


Date: 13 December 2008 Cruise ship Captain Justin Lawes got married in Grenada and took some of his friends. family and inlaws fishing today. Although it was generally a slow day they were rewarded with a double hook up of blue marlin ! The smaller fish was released for Chris Wallen estimated 140lb (pic) whereas the larger fish was bought to the boat by Justin but was released without a tag or photo as the hook pulled before we could do that. This fish was around 250lb. I can't recall a double hook up of marlin where we got both fish before so not bad going !
Date: 11 December 2008 Jim MacLean scored again today with a release on this est. 150lb blue marlin. This fish came late in the day after an active morning where we raised 5 sailfish, had hook ups on 3 but all came off after a minute or so. We also caught a small dorado.
Date: 8 December 2008 Martyn Berry caught this fine 30lb dorado today - one of a small group of unseasonably large mahi that we found 12 miles offshore. Coming back in from there a large blue came up on the shotgun repeatedly without touching the bait - it then engulfed the right rigger ballyhoo and headed for Venezeula at high speed! By turning and chasing we got back the 500 yds only for the fish to do it again. To cut a long story short we had the double line on the reel at least 3 times and had the end of the leader at the water surface as well but too far to reach it . After 2.5 hours the 50lb test broke just as the sun set. The fish had jumped and I had seen it below the surface several times - easily in the 450 - 500 bracket..
Date: 6 December 2008 Jim MacLean and Rick Nesbitt from Canada went out today and had some success releasing a 60lb sailfish for Jim before lunch. The afternoon was quiet but then enlivened by something I have never seen before in Grenada - 2 killer whales ! I had heard reports of them being seen years before but I have never seen them myself - imprtessive!
Date: 5 December 2008

Chris Balderston said he had experienced a traumatic year and therefore treated himself to a days fishing. He was rewarded in the first half hour with a nice 30 lb wahoo followed by numerous barracudas. Once we found an area away from the barras we connected with a fast and furious blue marlin who greyhounded all over the place and tried to empty the reel. However the fish did not have much stamina and came to the boat failry easily to be tagged and released estimated 120lb.

Now thats what I call therapy !

Date: 3 December 2008

Wedding guests from Coyaba hotel enjoyed a half day trip down the edge today catching 5 barracudas, a spanish mackerel and top fish was a 22lb wahoo.

We also lost another wahoo when it surgically removed the hook from the leader...

Date: 26 November 2008 Mike Delliere and friends from SGU vet school had an eventful 6 hour trip today. A nice marlin came up on a short bait then nailed an artificial lure running alongside - the marlin ran the line for 50 yds and came off. It immediately had a look at the shotgun bait but did not strike. I circled around and sure enough the marlin came back up and with a smaller friend which we hooked on the shotgun, the original marlin crashed the left rigger bait but failed to hook up. Mike bought the smaller fish to the boat after 40 minutes to be tagged and released estimated as scraping 200 lb. We fished on and found birds working a large school of blackfin tunas - we managed to catch 1 and saw a much bigger tuna feeding. A small dorado and another tuna were boated before the trip finished.
Date: 8 November 2008

Ray Frith and friends staying at La Source had an interesting day today where we had 3 billfish strikes and hooked (briefly) 1 small sailfish which pulled the hook. To make up for this we found a weed line and caught about 12 dorado up to about 7lbs and lost/missed many more (the smaller ones were released and one was tagged and released). We aslso saw dophins but no whales (which we have seen on the last 2 trips).

It seems as if the season is just starting...

Date: 9 October 2008

Steve Shaw was pleased to catch this 14lb blackfin tuna on a day where we were looking for a wahoo but only found blackfins, barracudas and a rainbow runner.

Seas were calm but still green.

Date: 29 September 2008

Nick & Sam Forwood and Bob Turner went out for the day today and had a good time watching dolpins and catching small dorado, blackfin tunas and barracudas. We did have 2 strikes from wahoo but they did not hook up.

Water still green with Orinoco flow....

Date: 8 September 2008

Steve took a chance and booked the boat for himself today.

For most of the trip it looked as if he would go back with nothing to show for it - dirty green water everywhere - dolphins seen but no sign of tunas.

In the last 40 minutes we had 2 strikes and landed this 22lb wahoo to save the day.

Date: 22 August 2008

Gloria Marwell poses with the double figure barracuda she caught today one of 5 that came to the boat (many others were lost).

Fishing was generally slow and seas a little choppy in some areas.

Last 2 trips offshore were also quite although we did see sperm whales and common dolphins.

Date: 19 July 2008 Richard Townsend ended his holiday in Grenada with a fishing trip to remember. It started slow with just dolphins to watch then the rains came... Then we saw some birds working along the 6000ft contour. As we approached a large tuna jumped and when we passed close by the shotgun was away only to get a backlash and crack off! - I had barely time to stop cursing when the right rigger was away. We had a difficult time landing this fish not least because it travelled through some long line gear and got tangled up (Thanks "Hawk Saw" for helping us get it free) . It took over an hour to gaff and Richard was relieved for the end of the strain. As we started to head back I decided to fish for 20 minutes towards home before running in. 5 minutes later the right rigger was away again with another tuna - we gaffed this one in about 15 minutes. Plenty of other sailfish knocks but no more fish came although we did see 2 sperm whales. Back at the dock the fish weighed 145 and 95 lb respectively - a good mornings sport.
Date: 19 July 2008 Mark Cooper achieved a dream today catching his first big game fish - a 140 lb yellowfin tuna - the fish took just about 50 minutes to subdue.
Date: 11 July 2008 Rudy Rierra caught these 2 nice dorado - the largest being a fine 40lb bull.
Date: 28 June 2008

Steve & Charlie Hardman plus friends Bru & Max Pearce & Kelvin had a quiet morning which was abruptly interrupted by a 55lb sailfish which Steve struggled to bring in.

We were out again in the afternoon with Merv "the swerve" Hughes (famous Australian fast bowler) far right in bottom pic, Anthony Patterson (Australian cricket team media manager) centre in pic plus other ardent Aussie cricket fans.

We went straight to the sailfish area from this morning and fairly quickly released one for Anthony. Later we missed another one and then fought a 3rd right up to the boat before the hook pulled..

All in all a good days billfishing especially as this is the off season!

Date: 20 June 2008

Newly weds Cory & Bob Fedore tried their luck on a (very) wet day today - they were well rewarded for their persistence. First we went up the coast to the area where we caught yesterday - no sign of dorado but 3 wahoo strikes resulted in 1 good hook up with a 30lb fish. After that area went quiet we headed offshore to avoid the costal rains. We followed birds to a group of porpoise and whilst going through them had a big strike on the shotgun bait, After 1 hour 15 minutes we gaffed a plump 110 lb yellowfin tuna.

More unforgettable honeymoon memories!

Date: 19 June 2008

Newly weds Luke and Cari Armand from Texas had a slow start to their 6 hour trip today only seeing a few hundred common dolphins. Later on I decided to follow up a report of fish being seen very close to shore recently and was rewarded first with a fine 35lb bull dorado for Cari and then a few minutes later with a 22lb wahoo for Luke. We also had 2 other strikes in the same area and caught a barracuda as well. Having been 14 miles offshore earlier and caught nothing, it was somewhat ironic that we would catch these fish 0.5 miles off the west coast!

Luke & Cari took some of the wahoo back to La Luna resort for dinner...

Date: 10 June 2008

Ian Southcott tagged and released a 50lb sailfish toady, one of 3 that we hooked from 5 raised - the others parted company before making our aquaintance!

Only other thing seen was 1 whale breaching in the distance....

Date: 9 May 2008

David Sellers had a hard job getting this 50lb sailfish to the boat since the hook although initially in the mouth came out and lodged in the tail!

Hence the fish came to the boat backwards and had to be towed alongside for several minutes until it revived and swam away

Date: 7 May 2008

Jason James and Michael King enjoyed a fantastic mornings sport today. First up after 20 minutes was a lovely 275 lb blue marlin tag & release for Jason after a 35 minute fight.

Taking a breather Jason let greenhorn Michael fight the next fish - his first billfish - a 50lb sailfish tag & release.

After that we missed another sailfish and then saw some large yellowfin tunas feeding. They did not seem to want to come into the spread so I dropped the shotgun way way back and eventually a tuna exploded on it. Jason fought this one for about an hour before we boated it - it later weighed in at 134 lb....

Date: 5 May 2008 Kerry & Michelle Conner tried their offshore luck today and were rewarded first by this 17lb dorado for Kerry and later by this fine 55lb sailfish for Michelle. As for the last 3 days sailfish were abundant feeding on small anchovies - when thus preoccupied with small bait they largely ignored our ballyhoo offerings....

Date: 3 May 2008 More vet students out today - frustrated by reluctant sailfish, mollified by 3 barracudas and rewarded at the very end by this sailfish release for Meg Puchlerz
Date: 1 May 2008

Vet students Preston, Eric & Lee (multi times repeat clients) picked the right morning to go down th edge today, they caught nine blackfin tunas, four barracudas and Preston released this fine 50lb sailfish after a short fight on 30lb test.

The large amounts of blackfin tunas are sure to draw in some wahoo and maybe even marlin if they stay around.....

Date: 22 April 2008 Four clients shared a half day today - the picture shows the best fish - a 26lb wahoo which we caught at the end of the trip. We also caught 5 barracudas and a blackfin tuna. We missed at least 4 other wahoo strikes......
Date: 13 April 2008

We tagged and released our largest blue marlin so far this year today for Marc-Andre Doyon. This fish I estimated at 450lbs. It was a text book marlin - it did a spectacular strike on the shortest line and took over an hour to subdue on 50lb test after leaping out many times, charging the boat and generally trying to kill us! We had it on the leader after 40 minutes but even 2 people pulling could not get it up to the surface and we had to let go again. After an hour we managed to tag it and then had to dump the leader yet again as it charged off.

Finally we got it on the leader for the 3rd time and 3 of us managed to control it long enough to remove the hook - when we let go it rolled over then charged off again!

Date: 9 April 2008 Kevin Fowler and his 9 year old son enjoyed a slow half day today which had produced only a very small barracuda until the last half hour when we had this double header of 22lb wahoo which made their day.
Date: 5 April 2008 Ocean Village clients did 2 half day trips today. The morning saw 2 blackfin tunas caught plus a lost wahoo and a lost pompano. The afternoon was rewarded with this fine 60lb sailfish Tag & released for Kevin Tilly. We actually had 4 sailfish strikes in the afternoon - 2 hooked up but only the 1 made it in to be released.
Date: 3 April 2008

The Fray family from Switzerland went out for a half day fishing trip today on a windy morning where the fish were not biting in the usual places so we took a diversion up by Glovers island and caught (and released) these 2 beautiful African Pompano.

We rarely catch these fish so to catch 2 in a morning was very unusual.

Date: 1 April 2008

Just for comparison below are the catch results for first 3 months 2007 with 2008


Yellowfin. ...................7......................4

Blue Marlin..................5......................7

White Marlin ...............6......................6



Its not been easy - a poor year for dorado alhough last year was exceptionally good - hopefully the year will improve later on.

Date: 29 March 2008 Pastor Dave and friends caught this 110 lb yellowfin tuna this morning which will help feed their group who are down in Grenada from Canada helping rebuild one of our churches. The fish put up a good fight on 50lb test and was the only strike of the morning.
Date: 27 March 2008

Andrew Lynch caught this 26lb dorado today on his first offshore fishing trip. We did not have a lot of action since follwing the birds only led us to hundreeds of porpoises and dolphins!

Coming back up from there we caught the dorado and also a small barracuda.

Mahi mahi steaks on the menu tonight!

Date: 26 March 2008

Bernd Leister and friends from the Aida cruise ship caught this 110lb (50kg) yellowfin tuna today on a half day trip and also lost another big fish earlier when the hook pulled out.

In addition we saw dolphins and also raised a large blue marlin which decided not to eat our bait for some reason......

Date: 25 March 2008

Neil Morris (repeat customer since way back when!) exceeded his expectations from last year (2 blue marlin - see catch reports 2007) today when he caught 2 blue marlin (80lb and 30lb) plus a nice 60lb sailfish.

Today was a day of days - we saw loads of sailfish feeding under birds but for the most pat they would not look at the baits. In between we saw big tunas coming up and in addition sei whales feeding around hoards of blackfin tunas - spectacular stuff.

The first blue (we thought it was a white at first but not conclusive) took a short line just after we saw a whale blow and then boil close to the boat. That fish gave a very good fight considering its small size.

After that we worked around the birds and eventually enticed a sail to eat the shotgun bait.

Then we did a detour to watch the whales feeding then came back east and fished several groups of birds without a bite before the last group yiedled 5 strikes - 1 on the teaser and 4 lines - all but one dropped off - the last one was tagged estimated a 30lb blue marlin!

So Neil finished the day a happy man with 3 more billfish tags to his name.

Date: 20 March 2008

Eric Brown of SGU went out (again) today and caught several barracudas, released a sailfish and lost a wahoo which shook the hook just a few feet from the boat.

Big swells were pounding the shoreline but offshore the seas were calm to moderate...

Date: 17 March 2008

Repeat client Arthur Olding plus friends Dave and John tried a half day this morning - Dave & John had never been big game fishing before. Well... John ended up tagging and releasing the 90lb blue marlin while Arthur and Dave both caught dorado. We also lost another dorado and later a sailfish managed to spit the hook..


See who needs expertise when beginners luck is even better!

2 dorado to 14 lbs

Date: 11 March 2008

Tony Hamlett tagged this feisty 45lb sailfish today - his first billfish.

The bite was slow with only 2 fish raised but at least we got one in the choppy conditions.

Date: 09 March 2008 Regular clients Steve & Charlie Hardman enjyed a blistering half day trip today - which kicked off with a blue marlin hook up in the first 2 minutes of trolling! That fish took a short ballyhoo ran back came off - then ate the shotgun ballyhoo! Young Charlie fought that fish within 50 yds of the boat when the hook suddenly pulled out... A while later I spotted birds obvioulsy working dorado - when we caught up with them we had 2 hook ups. Steve fought his 40lb fish to the back of th4 boat when it too pulled the hook. Chalrie took over the chair with his fish we we succesfully gaffed (32lb). We tried to hook up another dorado which followed Charlie's to the boat without success. Working the same area not more than 20 minutes later we had the right rigger knocked down which was not hooked then the left went down with a solid hook up. Steve fought that fish for 30 minutes before bringing it to the boat for a tag and release estimated 180lb blue marlin!

Date: 02 March 2008

SGU students andrew, remi, sean, dave, charlie & joe enjoyed 6 hours fishing today where the top catch was Remi's 110 lb yellowfin tuna. We also had a brief hook up on a sailfish and missed another one

Plenty of tuna steaks were taken home for the barbie and the freezer!

Date: 28 February 2008

Repeat customer Robert Hibbert was absolutely delighted to catch this 300lb blue marlin today - it gave an impressive fisght for 20 minutes on 80lb class gear.

We also missed 2 finicky dorado strikes...

Date: 27 February 2008

Derek De Sa and family caught this lovely 10lb rainbow runner today and had blackfin tuna and barracuda action as well.

Sister Louise went from se sick melancholy to angler's delight as soon as she boated the first fish!

Date: 25 February 2008

Andy Windmill's luck continued with his 3rd white marlin of this years fishing and then ran out when he spent 3 hours attached to a large blue marlin before breaking the 50lb line just as the sun sank beneath the waves....

Date: 24 February 2008

Preston's group of SGU students caught this 70lb white marlin today next to a large group of porpoises.

Date: 23 February 2008 SGU's Matthew Cleveland tagged this 55lb sailfish only 600 yds from shore today on a rough and windy day.
Date: 21 February 2008 Andy Windmill managed this 27lb dorado on a slow days fishing where we only had 2 other tentative sailfish strikes

Date: 19 February 2008 Tim and son Nicholas Alonzi were pleased to get this 17lb dorado on a half day trip, Dave Kelln also caught a barracuda
Date: 15 February 2008

Andy Windmill caught his first billfish today - a 50lb white marlin and then confirmed it by tagging another 45lb one!

He also caught a dorado and lost another fish after 10 minutes fight.

Date: 13 February 2008

Tomas Birriel from SGU tagged this 50lb white marlin today and we lost another one

Date: 12 February 2008

Moor sailfish today - this 55lb one was tagged for David Moor this afternoon - this morning we caught 2 dorado for Irvin Gustaffson's group off the celebrity cruise ship

Date: 9 February 2008

Ocean Village 2 cruise ship passengers had Jennifer's peace corps group caught only 1 fish today this lovely 30lb dorado. Plenty more were around but were playing hard to get...

Date: 8 February 2008 Mick Pullen caught these 2 dorado today - the first of the season.
Date: 29 January 2008 Andrew Mathers tagged this 50lb sailfish today.
Date: 18 January 2008 Tony Overton tagged this 55lb sailfish this morning on the lay day of the spice island billfish tournament
Date: 16 January 2008

Max Huntingford caught this 127lb yellowfin tuna yesterday and lost 2 blue marlin. Today he released a sailfish on the first day of the spice island billfish tournament

Date: 14 January 2008 Dr Maiditsch tagged this 450lb blue marlin today (pictures messed up by a zoom error - sorry!) He also released a white marlin in an excellent days fishing....
Date: 10 January 2008

Laurence Ayliffe tagged this 50lb sailfish today - his first catch with us after 2 blank trips in the past - thanks for your confidence in us - glad it paid off this time around!

Date: 7 January 2008

Simon Avery tagged this 100lb blue marlin on a day where we also missed 2 sailfish bites

Date:04 Januray 2008

Rod Thirkill tagged this 45lb sailfish and lost another today.

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